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vitabela posted:
"Can anybody advise me of NATURAL methods to help treat autoimmune conditions. I'm particularly interested in vitamins and diet?"
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brunosbud responded:
"...Can anybody advise me of NATURAL methods to help treat autoimmune conditions..."
Which "autoimmune conditions" we talking about? Rheumatoid Arthritis? Type 1 Diabetes? Crohn's Disease? Psoriasis (skin)? Autism or Alzheimer's?

Regardless of the condition, it's a wonderful question. Please allow me to explain why...

Its my opinion that all of us have Cancer. We all have Diabetes. We all have Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease. We're all depressed and we all suffer Emphysema...

The only question is, where exactly in the disease "continuum" do we stand?

And, because we're all "diseased" in one sense or another, is anyone truly "healthy"?

I say this because to live in modern society means we're all exposed to the same health risks. Who can say "I ingest no pesticides, preservatives or BPAs"? Who is not exposed to auto emissions or dangerous aerosols. Who lives a life free of emotional stress? Who doesn't get angry or frustrated by inconsiderate and insensitive co-workers or neighbors? Who gets all the sleep they need every day of their life? Who isn't "sedentary" in some point in their day? Who drinks perfectly clean, safe drinking water free of hexavalent chromium?

Now, to answer your excellent question, the natural methods I would recommend for any and all disease, whether as stand alone therapy or a combined therapy coupled with modern medical treatment protocols is...

  1. Eat a healthy diet predominant in fruits and vegetables.
  2. Be as active and move as much as you possibly can.
  3. Modulate stress and practice relaxation techniques whenever possible.
  4. Keep exposure to toxic chemicals, pollutants and known carcinogens to the absolute bare minimum.

99 out a 100 people reading this will simply laugh and say, "Yeah, right...that'll never work!"

I say, "You're dead wrong. It's always worked...since the beginning of man. We're just more 'diseased' than ever before, that's all."

Great question, vitabela! Good luck to you!
Dennis2012 responded:
How about thyroid disease that specifically effects your metabolism. I am anxious all the time, I am hungry most of the time and I am confused about calories in/out philosophy. I exercise regularly and rarely 'overeat'. I am a grazer I guess. Just another thought on the topic!
bobby75703 replied to Dennis2012's response:
If a person were hyperthyroid ( too much thyroid hormone) it could certainly produce symptoms of constant hunger, grazing all the time, and anxious personality.

90% of people who are hyperthyroid lose weight, however about 10% gain weight. Its not fully understood why a hyperthyroid person would gain weight, but may be due to the constant grazing and excess calories.

tenkides responded:
dietary supplements or prenatal supplements help a lot.

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