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Im 23, when i was 9 I had a stroke and I find it hard to work out. I wanna get healthier and lose weight
alynne04 posted:
I had a stroke when i was young which left me a weak right side of my body. Can' t run or ride bikes. I was wondering if you know of any exercises i can do and see good results. Im wanting to lose weight in my arms and hips right now.

Thank you!
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totallywiggedout responded:
For about $40 dollars you can get just about everything you need.
Get a box of those exer(cise) band tubes with the handles from any walmart or sporting goods store.
Get a small childs soft playground ball (1.99) most anywhere, even some grocery stores carry them
Get a hoola hoop (around 6.00)
The exercise bands may not seem tense enough to give your good side a good workout, but you can double them or even triple them to add more resistance. Put one end of the band under your foot and hold the other in your hand, you can to straight arm lifts which will build shoulder muscle or curls or side arm lifts, lots of diff things. Use smaller lighter tubes for your weak side., using in opposite way, these are great for legs too.
Hook one end to a doorknob, laying on your side with head near door, hook other end to foot and do side leg lifts, getting further away from knob to increase the tension and resistance. and so on.
The ball, is for resistance and lifts. If you close your hand around something slim like a small free weight, you only work a small amount of muscle. If you spread your hand out and grip this ball with your fingertips, like a basketball player does, and lift it straight arm front and side for several reps, you work your whole arm, right down to the fingertips and this will strengthen your weak side. Use either a larger free weight or a larger,heavier ball for your good side.
The ball can also be worked out with by sitting at a kitchen table, placing the ball on the table and flathandedly pushing straight down on the ball with arm extended straight. Both arms will benefit from this, if you think its too easy with the childs ball for your good arm, use a stiffer type larger ball.
the key to the childs ball is that they are usually not blown up stiff, they are sort of cushy still. These are great , cheap workout items
The hoola hoop , well , they are great fun and they work the heck out of your core muscles and your butt(hips) without having to move alot , just put your weak leg forward a bit, and use your good leg as your stabelizer, pivot point
Diet and Exercise go hand in hand----
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to totallywiggedout's response:
Great information above! I would also suggest that you get a referral from your doctor to a Physical Therapist who specializes in those who have had a stroke. Could be very helpful!


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