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norahethel posted:
I have been through it - 30 lbs overweight after 2 children one year apart - so I know how you feel. What worked for me was cutting out all the unnecessary carbohydrates - not the "good" ones but all the other superfluous ones, which are so much in sight. Lean meats and leafy salads are the main items. There, in the US you are lucky enough to have several types of lettuce - something unseen and unheard of in Uruguay - plus tender fresh spinach leaves and other greens to toss up with as little salt as possible and a trickle of good olive oil. A small grated carrot, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 1/4 of an avocado.... You name it, you´ve got it. You also have so many options in terms of proteins - 3 oz of beef, 4 of chicken, a can of tuna packed in water, 2 soft boiled eggs, turkey, lamb, good meaty frankfurters, high protein content cheeses. Think about all the options. Even pork nowadays has much less fat and some consider it a "white meat". Do without fruit for the first week - you won´t die and when you reintroduce them, go slowly, leaving out the most sugary ones. Don´t drink juices. Not even fresh ones. Plain water and skim milk. And a square of really dark chocolate for dessert. Then, tell me. But really stick to it and don´t eat your babies leftovers !!! I did it. You can do it too. And remember, the real poison is sugar !!!
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