Go Nuts Over your Cholesterol
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP posted:
If you're looking to decrease your cholesterol or just prevent it from increasing in the first place, I've got a simple tip for you--- eat nuts. Nuts are a wonderful source of high quality fats and protein. And now we know they'll help keep your cholesterol under control as well.

Researchers at Loma Linda University found that folks who consumed about 2.5 ozs of nuts throughout the day decreased their total cholesterol by an average of 5.1%, and reduced their bad cholesterol LDL by 7.4% and a whopping 10.4% decrease in trigylerides only if they were elevated to start with. The scientists found that you got your biggest bang for your nut-buck if your bad cholesterol LDL was high to start with and if you were consuming a typical high fat Western diet. In other words, if your diet is great and your cholesterol is normal, you'll be preventing problems, but you won't see big changes in your numbers since they're normal to start with. The folks with higher numbers and junky diets see the biggest changes.

And those folks need to clean up their diet to start with as well as get physically active to get the most for their new nut consumption.

Walk around with a 2 oz zip lock bag in your purse or brief case or car and fill it with 12 nuts--- a combo of almonds and walnut halves or pecans is great. This makes for a wonderful snack anytime you want it. Or put the nuts on a yogurt for extra crunch. At the start of every week I load up the zip locks and keep them everywhere so that I'm always prepared and never caught without a healthy snack.

So, let's all go nuts today!

Dr Peeke
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2luvtwins responded:
That sounds great, thanks. If your not a big fan of nuts, I have a tip for you.

Ground Flax Seed. (not the pills) I actually did my own experiment. When I got my cholesterol results back about 6 months ago. My Triglycerides were up in the 400's again (with medication) and my total was still over 250. The doctor put me on Lovaza, I took it for a month because it cost me $300.00. I said the heck with this let me try something MUCH cheaper.

I started taking 2 tbs a day (with a flavored yogurt) I did my blood work again only 2 months later. My triglycerides were 197. My total cholesterol below 200. (cant rem. the exact number for that)

Much cheaper and it actually worked. I still take my cholesterol medication (which wasnt working for my Tri's).

I will never go back to fish oil again.