A New Trick on Dieting
brinphilips posted:
There is a lot of fuss about the "fat loss 4 idiots " diet. Some people say it is a trick diet, other swear that it is the answer to weight loss problems. Rather than join any of these camps, lets just take a look at what the fat loss 4 idiots diet is all about, and what the program entails.
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PrincessLeia56022 responded:
I don't know. I'm skeptical about it. I figure that if weight loss was ever very easy, then everyone would be skinny.
fedupagain replied to PrincessLeia56022's response:
amen to that princessleia!
Kamaeni responded:
So many trick and tips for diet, but you must adjust with your body condition, nutritional adequacy must be fulfilled, so that when the diet we do not feel weak