bike2burn posted:
Another great post form Dr. Peeke. Vigilance is the key. I can't think of how times I was making progress on a weight loss/fitness program only to be thrown off track by an illness, business travel or some other life event that knocked me out of my routine. The thing that works for me is self-monitoring (or tracking). I track my meals, exercise and weight every day, except vacations. I realize it's not for everybody, but it keeps me completely aware of my eating habits and exercise.

Periodically, I'll drop the meal and exercise tracking and just track my weight. If I happen to bump up a few pounds, I go back to tracking meals and exercise and viola!, my weight tracks back down.

Keep in mind that professional athletes manage their eating and training very closely. This is something we can all benefit from. I'm down 52 lbs since 2008 and tracking has completely changed my life.
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