Keys to Success in HCG Diet
johnmarten64 posted:
The key of success in HCG Diet is a disciplined life style. Here are some tips for success in HCG Weight Loss Program.
  • Plan your meals in a manner so that it may not contain 500 calorie per day. Take assistance from a professional dietician who can help you to formulate your diet chart.
  • Take your HCG dose regularly. Irregularity can reduce the effectiveness of the hormone dose.
  • Drink plenty of water while in the diet period. This will improve your metabolism.
  • Have sound sleep for at least eight to ten hours. The body needs enough rest.
  • To maintain your figure after the intake period, be conscious about your diet and don't increase the calorie amount suddenly.
  • Practice some light workouts in the stabilization period. Physical exercise is good for health.
  • In case your HCG is not premixed with Vitamin B12, take B12 supplement separately.

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