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How-to: Shed the Extra Weight-Newcomer Tips
Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
WebMD has many tools, articles, and useful tips on how to shed the extra weight for good this time. Our members and experts provide even more support and tips.

Below are some old favorite tips--be sure to add your own tips for newcomers as well.

Senior Community Moderator
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Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
  1. Calories count-no matter what the diet you follow says-the only way to lose weight involves calories. Consume fewer calories than you need for activities of daily living in order to lose weight.

    Unless you have a super physical job-choose sedentary on the calorie calculator. That hour at the gym every day likely isn't burning as many calories as the machine says you burn. If you are losing too much weight eating at the sedentary calorie level-then add calories.

  2. Measure portions. A scale and measuring cups can tell you amazing things. Most people underestimate their portion size.

  3. Make changes slowly-Don't decide that you want to lose weight so you won't eat anything you like until you lose all of the weight. Very few people stick to that type of diet and if they do-when they hit the magic number-the pounds fly back on with extra calories.

  4. Accountability-Post your DFJ (Daily Food Journal). Confess your slips, falls off the wagon, decision that dessert tasted better than healthy choices, and your success.

    The bravest, strongest, most beautiful people in this community share not only their ups but their downs. Make it a habit to post daily or at least several times a week-even if you are having a horrible week or are super busy.
~Louise Senior Community Moderator
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Tools here at WebMD that can help you lose weight:

Food and Fitness Planner - Does a quick calculation of your target daily intake and allows you to plan your meals and exercise for the day. Be brutal when estimating physical activity. Unless you work a physical job or workout at high intensity every day-choose sedentary. Then if you are losing too fast, you can always add some calories back in.

Diet Health Check Find your target calorie intake, get suggestions on how to lose weight, identify your weight loss pitfalls and get tips for overcoming them

BMI Plus Calculator This health and weight calculator that gives personal results on 6 different weight and fitness measurements. Whether you're just getting started or have already begun your journey, this calculator will help you understand your body's needs as your body changes for optimal personal success! Again, be brutal when estimating your activity level.

Portion Size Plate We all think we can "eyeball" a portion but studies show that most people underestimate their portion size but more than half. That can add up when it comes to trying to lose weight.
~Louise Senior Community Moderator
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Louise, you better know that calories count! There's new research that has shown that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you choose a hi carb, lo carb, hi fat or lo fat diet. How many calories of energy you have consumed and expended that day is what really counts.

This doesn't mean you have to obsess about how many calories you're eating each day. It means you know the general ball park. I teach all newbies to healthy lifestyle to take some time in the beginning of this journey to read labels carefully and to understand the calorie content and ingredients well enough to have a general idea if this is an "expensive" calorie load or not. Once you get good at this, you know which foods to run from and which keep you within your budget.

Hey folks, it's like financial budgeting. You get good at it with practice. But it means you have to take responsibility for knowing how much to spend. The same goes for calories. Spend time learning the cal content of your favorite foods and do the budget.

Start today and reap the rewards.

Dr Peeke

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