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Watch the caffeine if you want strong bones.
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP posted:
Hi everyone. I'll bet you didn't know that caffeine leaches calcium from your body. Three cups of coffee remove 45 mg calcium. Top that with what soda does. It's not only got a load of caffeine but phosphoric acid which blocks the absorption of calcium. And finally, watch out not to be eating too much protein. Yep, it also causes the body to lose calcium. Once again, think of moderation when you reach for that cup of Joe or soda or protein. Heads up and protect those bones!
Dr Peeke
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redwingfan responded:
I know you are right about caffeine - I have an addiction to Diet Mt. Dew! I have reduced the amount of pop I drink but I know I still drink far more then I should. I am going to work harder to keep reducing it, I need these bones for many more years to come How do you know how much protein is right for you?
Jentar responded:
How much is too much protein,such that the body loses calcium? Is the calcium leached out of the bones, causing osteoporosis, or is it not absorbed properly?
jis4judy replied to Jentar's response:
what is the question caffiene or protein ? the subject doesn't match what is in the message
guidedtourlondon responded:
Caffeine is like an addiction to me. I drink pop every single day. After reading your post I will do my best to try and avoid pop and handle my "addiction".
barbara4u responded:
Dr. Peeke,

That is interesting, about the caffeine leaching calcium from the body. When we think about caffeine, we tend to think only of coffe or tea. But there are other foods that contain chocolate.

Like you say moderation. Also, we must make extra efforts to get our dairy, or foods that contain calcium, like leafy green vegs..

Thanks for sharing this. Protection of bone strengh is key.

granni44 responded:
Thank you for this info - very insightful. I was not aware that cafffeine could that to calcium in your body. Again, thx.
Petesaddle responded:
I had no idea whatsoever that coffee and protein make you lose calcium. I was on three to four cups a day until now and will definitely try to cut back.

I also have a lot of protein shakes which probably do not go well for the bones. I have never had any pain or anything like weak bones though.
rubyofga responded:
I wish someone would have told me this when I was in my 30's dieting. I am only 54 and have osteoporosis. I broke my ankle 2 years ago and then in January fractured 2 ribs just reaching for something in a cupboard.
An_201894 responded:
Thanks for the info on caffeine but I don't think I'll be giving up my cup of Joe any time soon. I'm aware of the pros and cons associated with drinking coffee. I've discussed them with my doctor. I'm 62 years old and for me the pros far outweigh the cons. For example, a study completed at a University in Canada a couple of years ago found that coffee helped reduce gout attacks. I have gout and that was good news for me.

I also don't drink sodas and my coffee intake is two cups of Joe per day (usually half decaf-half caffeinated). Lastly, there is the emotional wellness associated with meeting friends and having a good cup of coffee. The cost, Priceless.
sharRD responded:
where is this info from

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