Eating Patterns and What you eat
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The advice to eat small frequent meals may not be the right thing for most people. A better way to keep the blood sugar from going up and spiking insulin levels, which subsequently go up and stay up, is just as the doctor said: Reduce the carbs that you eat, eliminate the white foods such as sugar, pasta, starch, bread, rice, and grains. It is important to eat enough protein at each meal. What can you eat that doesn't cause the blood sugar and insulin to go up (which cause damage to the body), and allows you to not be hungry? It has been shown that those people/patients on a low carbohydrate diet lose weight, are not as hungry, and actually on their own, without counting, consume fewere calories. If your are not hungry, you don't eat as much, and you lose weight. There is a new book out, Why we get fat, and what to do about it by Gary Taubes. It explains it.
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