jvh92000 posted:
Question; Should I take my multi-vitaman with coffee, juice or milk?
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Jis4Judy responded:
I take mine with meals thinking it will mix with food and then be absorbed better I am no expert it is just my thought and why I take them that way..
Hugs Judy:)
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jhilton1 responded:
I would take them with water if you can. The heat of coffee and the acidity of the juce could break them down before they have a chance to absorb. if they start to break down in your esophagus (which cannot absorb anything) then the benefits are wasted. Soda does the same thing.
3317nancy replied to Jis4Judy's response:
Most suppliments recommend they be taken with food as the stomach acids help to break them down. Temerature (Hot beverage) should not make a difference. Calcium needs acidic environment like lemon or vinegar to help it be absorbed, just read this in Immune System Makeover bu janet Maccaro. hD. CNC which is very interesting read in general and has some good diet info.