South Beach, or something like it.
MaryDawn44 posted:
I have had 40-50 pounds to lose. I am following a basic diet of low glycemic index vegetables, protein, no-sugar-added candy, fudgicles and jello, and low fat cheese. I am finding great recipes in Low Carb Cookbooks and for the rest of my family I just add rice or potaotoes and some bread.
I am also trying to go for a walk most evenings--even in the snow!
I am not hungry and I have lost about 9 pounds since January 4. I am quite happy with this but I expect that the weight loss will slow a bit now.
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An_201899 responded:
That's really great!

I am just maintaining my weight right now, but I try to keep to those basic priniciples. I do eat carbs, but I try to make it only 25% of my meal. So may plate generally looks 50% green (broccoli, green beans, or spinach), 25% protein (fish or chicken) and 25% rice or potato (indulging in low fat sour cream or cheese on the potato). I often opt of open face sandwiches. I also do some crazy things (well other people think it's crazy) like tearing off half my bun if I am having something in the burger family so I can have just enough to keep my fingers from having touch the meat. Anyway - it's helped me maintain my weight through this awful winter where my excercise level has really dropped.