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Fat Loss Tip of the Week - Easy Portion Tricks
Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Portion sizes in the US have become the topic of a public outcry. Movies like Supersize Me! show convincingly how 'portion distortion' contributes to obesity.

The first step in successful portion control is learning the correct serving size. Luckily, we have a cool little tool called the Portion Size Plate that gives you easy-to-understand guidelines and pictures to help figure things out.

But, once you know the right portion, how do we stick to it without feeling deprived? Here are a few tips that might help:

Sip Smart: Use a Tall, Thin Glass - Use a tall, skinny glass instead of a short, wide tumbler to cut liquid calories — and your weight — without dieting. You'll drink 25-30% less juice, soda, wine, or any other beverage.

Shrink Your Dishes - Choose a smaller plate or bowl to cut out 100-200 calories a day — and 10-20 pounds in a year. In recent tests where this was tried, no one felt hungry or even noticed when tricks of the eye shaved 200 calories off their daily intake.

Single Size Me - Pre-cook bulk quantities (or use leftovers) of favorite foods such as pasta, rice, and cereal and separate into individual portions in zipper bags so that when you're in the mood (or starving & can't wait) you'll instantly see the number of portions you're preparing.

Eat Out Your Way - Restaurant meals are notoriously fattening, so consider these special orders that keep portions under control:
  • Split an entr?e with a friend.
  • Order an appetizer as a meal.
  • Choose the child's plate.
  • Get half the meal in a doggie bag before it's brought to the table.

What other portion control tips have you found helpful? Share your tricks with us so we can learn from you! I just love the tips our Members share!!

Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours. - Irish Proverb
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