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3point14-totally off topic
Foreverinyoureyes2 posted:

I am forward thinking to Costa Rica, and I realize that you have never been there, but I have a question about hiking shoes, and you are the only person I know that hikes ANYWHERE...

Can I please pick your brain? The research that I have done has stressed that all footwear needs to be water repellent, as it is the rain forrest afterall, but I can't find any really good resourses on what type of hiking shoe I should be looking for.

I have done some leisure hiking and I have a pair of Nike trail runners that I use for my tiny little excursions, but I have a feeling they are not at all appropriate for Costa Rica.

Can you give me any insight on where to even start looking? I want to get them in time to break them in thoroughly. No blisters or sore feet to spoil my trip!

Thanks lady.
3point14 responded:
I'll be happy to give you advice, but you're going to have to first read a story about why breaking in is so key hahaha...

A few years ago, while still in bad shape, a friend and I decided to do the Appalacian Trail. We were going to start in North Adams, MA, and hike as far into Vermont as we could. All went according to plan, except two days before, I hadn't yet bought boots. So, screw it! In my infinite wisdom, I bought some hiking boots the night before, wore 'em out on the trail.

Proceeded to do almost ten miles a day on rough terrain with a 65 lb. pack on my back in new boots. Unbroken-in, all boots are hell. My callouses got calluses, and it was HORRENDOUS. I had a huge blister that literally took up the ENTIRE back of my foot. From the top of my ankle to the pad of my foot, just excruciating. So, my first piece of advice is to get 'em ASAP.

Now, my friend has these things, they're made by a company he thinks is called "Vibrum" and they're called Komodos. I think you can get them waterproofed, but to be honest I'm not sure. They look like feet! And they have grippies on the bottom. And they are EPIC. He does a lot of mountain running, which is exactly what it sounds like, he runs his way up and down mountains. With his Komodos on, it's literally like watching a mountain goat, his speed is unbelievable, and I have never seen him slip. I would reccomend these highly. Google 'em, and sometimes you can find 'em on craigslist for cheap.

I've also heard good things about these Otomix Stingray boots. Another friend insists that those are the lightest boots she's ever used. You can go through for these, and I'd check out their selection in general.

Personally, I've always been pretty alright with basic boots from Wal-Mart. I treat myself to some Dr. Scholls inset thingies, and two layers of socks: one heavyish sock against my foot and a plastic baggie and then a lighter sock. I HATE the feeling of wet feet, and that's just my little insurance policy against them. Kinda ghetto, but it always works. They key (again just to me) is getting some that fit well and feel good. Try 'em on, break 'em in, you'll be fine

You must be so thrilled!! The planning stage is such a fun one for a trip like this!!

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