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    Creating a new me
    shandabear2011 posted:
    I am 19 years old and most people would tell me that I dont need to lose any weight. The only problem is that I do. I gained weight since I started college, and I really can not live with this weight anymore. I'm trying to get back down to 180 pounds. Losing 25 pounds doesnt seem like a lot, but to me it is. I just do not understand what I am doing wrong though. I eat less than 2000 calories a day, I keep a food journal, and I've been trying to exercise a little more. I don't understand what is making me keep this weight.
    3point14 responded:
    How tall are you? How often are you active? For how long have you been making improvements?

    Firstly, congrats at the eating fewer calories and moving more! That's an excellent start, and you're definitely heading in the right direction.

    Sometimes it just takes a while for weight loss to start. Keep yourself hydrated, and try to eat less processed food than natural food. Timing is important to, there's this saying "eat like a king at breakfast, a price at lunch, and a pauper at breakfast", and what that's basically getting at is to fuel up when you're likely to use the most energy, earlier on in the day.

    You can do it!
    mccartme11 responded:
    HI!!! I think that you and I are in similar boats! I'm a college student that wants to lose weight too! The most I can say is that keeping up your motivation and finding someone to workout with is ALWAYS helpful! Another aspect to losing weight is not discouraging yourself! That's where I have a pit fall I think. I really discourage myself and cause myself to be more sad and upset about my weight! I had a recent epiphany to lose the negative voice in my head and replace it with positive! I don't know about you, but I really like quotes to get me going! If thats something that works for you also, try Another thing that seems to work to get me going is SMALL GOALS! set weakly goals and they'll be easier and easier to grasp! The goal of losing 25 pounds is GREAT! But making small goals like 2 pounds a week or every 2 weeks, you'll have a goal that is MUCH more achievable and really something that you can strive for!!! Also, you may want to increase your workouts a little more so you're getting full advantage of the fat burning workouts! I think that running is AWFUL! but sometimes its the most rewarding workouts ever! Also, I know that getting into workouts is hard to do, but if you make it more of a routine thing, and add it to your schedule of things that you need to do that day, it becomes more and more enjoyable! additionally, find something that you love to do!!!! I like to compete with the people around me. If i'm running on the treadmill, I almost always try to run faster than the person next to me!!!! Its sounds stupid but it really works for me!!!! if competing isn't really for you, try classes or club sports! I played club field hockey this past fall and it was GREAT! another thing that is fun is Zumba classes! i know that dancing around with a bunch of other girls may not seem ideal but it really is fun! and is a wonderful cardio workout!!! Just find a few things that work for you and mix it up every once and a while to avoid getting bored and discouraged!!!

    If i were to leave you with a few ideas to think about they would be

    1) stay motivated and don't discourage yourself
    2) set small weekly goals to achieve and feel really empowered when you reach them!
    3) do what you enjoy when it comes to working out! Find you're nitch!

    Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any other questions=>
    shandabear2011 replied to mccartme11's response:
    Thank you so much!! I really enjoy the website too! I would absolutely LOVE to take Zumba classes. I've actually been trying to find a class near me. Right now, it is raining. lol. Otherwise I would be out running or playing basketball.. And when it rains, I tend to stay inside all day and have no motivation whatsoever. That is what really has been keeping me off task. I just sit in the house and eat. It's terrible I know. But I can't think of anything else to get me up and motivated when its so dreary outside. But on the other side of the rainbow, I really enjoy hiking, and I've been getting my boyfriend and I together and going hiking on the weekends. It's become sort of a weekend thing we do. It doesn't require any money to spend, and we're still spending time together while getting a workout. I find this to be wonderful. I really appreciate the encouragement! I am going to keep trying my hardest!

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