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Discouraged and stressed! HELP!!!
mccartme11 posted:
I'm a freshman in college and sad to say, gained the freshman 15=[. Last spring, I lost about 15 pounds and kept it off all summer! but, I also don't think I kept it off in a healthy way. I barely ate, rarely worked out, but i was still thinner than I had ever been! Once I went to school, I was so stressed about being away from home, making new friends and balancing my workload! To say that I felt like I was emotionally broken and stressed would be an understatement.
I gained back the weight I had lost last year, and I have never felt so discouraged! I workout every day and eat very healthy, but somehow I gained this weight back! It wasn't like i was just slugging around, eating pizza and junk! I run at least 3 or 4 times a week, do yoga twice, and strength train about every other day! I don't absolutely love working out, but it has become such a part of my routine, and I know that when I work out, I feel so much better afterwards!
I think that my pit fall is the amount of food that I am eating, I think that I eat to the point that I am stuffed full! Its awful! I don't want that mindset that I need to eat till I'm incredibly uncomfortably full! I also think that I have a tendency to eat when I'm bored, but again its not candy or chips or foods that I know are bad for me. Another pitfall I have when eating is that I eat with boys! I don't have many girlfriends at school, so I eat almost all my meals with my boyfriend and the boys on his baseball team, who can eat probably 3 times the amount I should be eating!
I really want to lose 15 pounds that I put on so I can feel confident and feel wonderful in my body! I also want to lose this weight for my health! I tore my ACL and had surgery, then re tore it last fall. I know that if i am even 15 pounds lighter, it will be a lot of pressure off my knee!
I was hoping for any advice to help me reach my goal and stay motivated! How can I portion control? How do I go about changing my lifestyle for the better? I need to change something so I can lose this weight and feel empowered and confident again!!!!

brunosbud responded:
Stress and anxiety is the number one cause of uncontrolled weight gain.

Rich or poor...young or old...every nationality...

Why do you suppose obesity cuts across every demographic in America? Why is it that Type 2 Diabetes is so prevalent of modern Western culture?

There are many ways to moderate stress and tension. Not one comes in a bottle or box. Pick 2 or 3 and practice them, religiously, every single day.

Then, come back and tell us what you observe.
mccartme11 replied to brunosbud's response:

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