How do you stay motivated?
An_244064 posted:
My biggest problem is staying motivated after I've lost a few pounds. I'd like to lose between 15 and 20 pounds, but after I lose 5 I already feel so much better that I lose motivation to keep up with my diet. Does anyone feel the same/have any suggestions?
LightNFit responded:
You have to change your lifestyle not just your dress size. Changing your lifestyle consists of changing your mentality. You can't just do enough just to lose weight but you have to make your healthy habits just as important as breathing and this will sustain weighloss longevity. Your lifestyle has to been just as important as breathing. It should just come natural. I imagine the size and energy I had prior to having my last two kids as motivation to get whipped back into shape. We are all in this together and over time thruogh trial and error we will be successful in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. God bless!
Tomato05 replied to LightNFit's response:
I agree with you, LightNFit, about the importance of lifestyle changes and mental approach.