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How to lose weight when you have a chronic back pain?
An_244617 posted:

I desperately want to lose weight. I eat right and attempt to exercise, however the more I exercise the more intense my back pain gets. It then takes several days for the back pain to ease. Any suggestions as to what I can do? I have seen doctors; have had several back injections and RFA with relief for only a couple of months at best. I am so tired of fighting this weight and back pain.
brunosbud responded:
What I did was simple because I'm not the brightest bulb and I get confused when given too much information...

First rule of weight loss is portion control. This is the number one reason why gastric bypass surgery works so dramatically. If you want to lose weight, you must eat less.

Second Rule: Eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Most Americans don't do this. Humans are primarily meant to eat a plant based diet. Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea eat twice as much plant based foods as Americans...

Third Rule: Walk. Start with 5 minutes, out, and 5 minutes, back. If that hurts, throttle back. When it stops hurting, throttle up. I'm up to 40 minutes, out, and 40 minutes, back.
I haven't experienced pain of any kind in over 4 years, now.

Fourth Rule: I sleep 6 hours every night. I sleep at the same time at night and wake up, without a clock, the same time each morning. It is next to impossible to lose weight without proper, uninterrupted sleep. It's not so much the hours are critical. It's the "uninterrupted" part that is critical. Get tired; Go to sleep.

I call this the "Darwin" method of weight loss because
this is what all animals do in nature. Wild animals don't have weight problems. Animals don't need dieticians, therapists, trainers, physicians, medications or surgery.

They live life, simple, and they repeat with precision.

Consider this...Science have been studying weight loss for over 100 years. The result: Our society has become more unhealthy.

The only reasonable conclusion is foods that are made/manufactured are not providing proper nutrition and actually causing us to eat more...It is the American diet that is the cause of insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hyertension...all primary causes of premature death in America.

It's just that simple...

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