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New Here! 5'5', and 145lbs.
An_246057 posted:
I'd only like to drop 10lbs, since I have a fair amount of muscle. I'm a vegetarian (nearly a vegan) and have been since childhood (now in mid-30s). I've never tried counting calories until now (nor have I ever posted on an online community) and today is my first day at it. Working on eating less is probably the reason I've been stuck, at or immediately around, 145lbs for a few years. I'm at the gym often, enjoy it, and workout hard. Getting married in a few months, and would love to see 135. I don't think I've weight that little since I was a kid.
Lesveg responded:
Welcome, An_246057! I'm also kind of new--5 weeks. I'm 5'4 and a half and maintained where you are for a long time. I've been vegan for seven years and have been running slow marathons for about 5. Finally I dropped to 137 and decided to try this site. I marked 'very active' and do all the exercise and food logging the site recommends to drop 2 pounds a week. But my body was pretty stubborn until about 2 weeks ago, when I had a sudden loss. Now I'm about 127. (I also had not been that weight as an adult.)

I was wondering whether because I was already pretty active with a fairly healthy diet it was harder to reach a new "set point" than at higher weights. It seems like it takes an incredible amount of exercise (about two hours of pretty hard cardio a day) to lose weight. Maybe that will settle down now. I'd be interested to hear about your experience and see how it compares.

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and good luck with the program!
An_246057 replied to Lesveg's response:
Lesveg: Thanks for writing! I'm very impressed at your marathon running. I'd love to do one at some point (I've run as far as 14 miles on my own, but only once, and a loooong time ago).

As strange (or rather: as obvious!) as it may sound, diet makes all the difference to me. Although I'm only on day three of logging my food, I can feel the difference. I am taking in no more than 1366 kcal/day, and have set to lose 1.5lbs/week. Paying attention to calories makes such an incredible difference. I realize I'm a little hungry, but I'm not starving, and that very mild hunger is a good thing -- it means my body is working. It's satisfying to know that if I pay close attention to the amount I'm consuming, I won''t eat too much or too little. (Eating too little has never, ever been a problem for me...)

I have a pretty good feeling about this. Fingers crossed I'll see the 130lbs sometime in the future!
jennie_white responded:
Eating less won't help you, besides it will ruin your diet. when you have less calories in your body, metabolic rate will slow down. Then, your body will keep body fat for the energy, and use muscle as energy instead. For more info, check this - Fat Loss Tips .
AYoungLady replied to jennie_white's response:
We (in general, "us Amercians") do eat too much, and could very much benefit from eating a little less. I don't think starving one's self is ever, ever a good idea. But I feel really good taking in just a few less calories every day than I normally would, and I don't think my muscles are suffering. (If at any point I feel starved, I'll adjust things, and eat more. Trust me: Eating is one of my very favorite things!) I've noticed over the last week, that going to bed with just a tiny bit of hunger (not a gnawing, uncomfortable hunger) feels so much better than going to bed stuffed to the gills, as I usually would. I wake up clear-headed the next day, and energetic, and my breakfast tastes delicious. PS: But thanks anyway for the spam.

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