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    I Know I Can. I Know I Can.
    TroubledGeek posted:
    Hi! I'm new here. And whether you care or not, I'm going to give my story as to what has led me to start a weight loss/get-in-shape self campaign.

    A year and a half ago, I quit smoking. My mom quit smoking 17 years prior and gave me some tips. One of them included remembering that if I smoke again, I'll have to go through all the withdrawls again, and I did not want to do that. So, I didn't smoke. I ate food. Lots of food. Almost a bag of potato chips a day. Not cool.

    Gradually, my weight steadily rose up from 120 to 160. At 5'9", I'm still in my BMI, but hitting close to my limit. I was excited at first at my weight gain because I began to develop curves where I had not had them before, but then I got the reverse shelf at the bottom of my stomach and have since trying to figure out and motivate myself to loose it.

    My current job has access to WebMD during down time, so I am here now. I've been reading articles, utilizing the tools, and slowly, very slowly working my way down. I'm setting my goal to 10 lbs at a time. My goal is less to be in a certain weight, though, and more along the lines of being more fit, and to be comfortable in my body at a beach again. Even though I'm setting weight goals, my goal will be attained when I feel comfortable myself. Even if I don't reach my ultimate weight goal, when I feel good, and I feel I'm at a point where I feel physically fit then I will be happy.

    For the last month, I have been working my way up to everything. I started with walking during my breaks. Just a simple walk, about five minutes at a time. After a week, and making it a habit, I extended the walk per breaks to about 8 minutes. I now walk a ten minute walk (to fit into my 15 minute breaks) and approximately 1,150 steps per walk at a brisk pace. Slowly, I have been getting myself into the habit of marking down what I eat and replacing my coffee with water.

    In the last month and a half, I have managed to loose about 6-7 lbs. (Surprisingly, I have not loost this weight from my chest or behind.)This makes me very happy. But, I'm recognizing a need to have someone or people hold me accountable, and be motivation just the same. So, here I am. I'm really looking forward to getting down to my current goal of 145, or feeling awesome in a bikini (especially, since I now have the curves to look like a chick in a bikini...)
    3point14 responded:
    Congrats on quitting smoking. That's huge!

    Your goals seem reasonable, as do the gradual modifications in diet and exercise. I'm sure you'll see much success!
    SW: 170 CW:134 GOAL: 120

    Oh, you know me, I love the universe, I love all the listeners:
    watch it!
    here's fifty thousand watts of goodwill!
    ~~The Pixies
    Tomato05 responded:
    Congratulations on such a good start.

    You sound very positive, which is always a great help for yourself and for those of us who read your posts.

    My own curves are far too curvy for my liking - me minus 9 lbs will be a better version...
    shebring responded:
    Good for you.. Im new here too and looking to lose a few lbs myself. I also need some accountability, something to keep me on track and motivated. Looking forward to getting some tips and hearing pple's stories.
    TroubledGeek replied to 3point14's response:
    Thank you, 3point14! I'm really hoping the gradual thing works well!

    I see your starting weight, current weight, and goal. You're moving right along well, too! Congrats and keep it up!
    TroubledGeek replied to Tomato05's response:
    Tomato05, How far along are you on the minus 9lbs? I hope you're doing well with it!

    Thank you for the welcome!
    TroubledGeek replied to shebring's response:
    I've been slowly going through some of the stuff here on WebMD. There's some things that are good, and some things that are good for other people, and some things that haven't been updated. Just make sure to always check who says what, and whether it's something that applies to you.

    Keep the happy thoughts going! Good luck in reaching your goal, Shebring!
    Tomato05 replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    Not too good I'm afraid, haven't lost any yet.
    TroubledGeek replied to Tomato05's response:
    Don't get discouraged. What have you been doing to try and loose?

    Tomato05 replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    Dear Troubledgeek - thank you for the encouragement. I know perfectly well what I have to do to loose, I'm just struggling to do that! My sweets-eating habits are very firmly engrained it seems. I also need to sleep more - I go to bed too late and start my days fatigued.

    Luckily I exercise frequently, which keeps up my spirits.

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