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    Absolutely Frustrated
    ShyLulu posted:
    I'm usually wary of online forums, but I'm at the end of my rope so here goes:

    I am 5'5" and I've been trying to lose 6 pounds for months with no luck. I've tried a very restrictive diet (baked chicken, broccoli and watermelon) but could only keep it up fo so long before intense cravings for sweets overwhelmed me. I've also tried intense cardio workouts, but those seem to have lost their effectiveness. 4 weeks ago, I began the weight-training program in the book The New Rules Of Lifting for Women. I did wieght training years ago, but have gotten out of the habit. The book advises eating more calories in order to fuel the workouts. I began eating and working out according to the book's calculations and I now weigh 145! My clothes fit tighter than ever and my stomach, hips and thighs have expanded! I'm absolutely miserable. I don't know what to do to lose weight without starving. What's more I still crave sugary foods constantly! Help!
    Tomato05 responded:
    Look at the whole thing as a learning curve. You now know two things that you can eliminate, that don't work: a restrictive diet based on too few types of food (which causes nutritional deficiencies and leads to cravings), and following a set diet written (in a book) for "the standard person".

    We are all unique, and the author doesn't know your body! Your metabolism, body fat, exercise intensity, etc. are all different to anybody else. Better therefore to just focus on your own diet - three small healthy meals, one or two healthy snacks a day would be a good start. Whatever you have been eating, the calories were too high if you are putting on weight, and you need to reduce them sensibly. You don't have to be starving, but you need to eat less, while still eating a variety of healthy food.

    Keep exercising - you will have a lot of benefit in the long run (not necessarily in weight loss, but in terms of health).
    brunosbud responded:
    This is just one more example of the "tips & quick fix" mentality that shrouds people's concept of weight loss...They look for "results", don't get them in a week or two and then move onto the next gimmick or, even worse, a pill...

    • You didn't see "results" because you were not patient.
    • You were not patient because you didn't understand the relationship between bodyfat-muscle composition and weight loss & appetite "reprogramming".
    • Since you lacked both patience and knowledge, you didn't allow yourself enough time, and
    • Because you didn't allow yourself enough time, you could not ingrain a new "process" to make exercise a permanent part of your daily strategy, forever.

    First, comes new muscle by consuming quality food, exercise, plenty of water and rest...
    Next, comes incremental changes in appetite, metabolism and diminished insulin spiking, and...
    Finally, comes the fat loss...
    That's "fat"...Not water...Not muscle. B o d y f a t.

    Don't worry, shylulu. You're young. You'll have many more opportunities to learn what that book was trying to explain if you had only read it, thoroughly and completely...

    ...Especially, if you go on another "diet"...
    can_do_attitude responded:
    Hi ShyLu. I've been in your place andI would highly recommend adding protein shakes into your diet to help reduce the cravings. Then also try to mix up your workouts, so that you're always working out different parts of your body. Good luck! You've got this.
    ShyLulu replied to brunosbud's response:
    Excuse me, this is not an example of quick fix mentality. I read the book thoroughly and followed the author's advise as I was supposed to and I was plenty patient. I did NOT get the results the author said I would in the alloted time. I've even contacted the author and explained my weight gain to him and got the reply that the calorie worksheet in the book doesn't seem to work for me. You don't know what I did, and I don't appreciate you passing judgement!
    brunosbud replied to ShyLulu's response:
    I responded to your post because you solicited advice...

    You have no appreciation for my advice? Well, that's the way you roll. No problem. What you fail to realize is, the world's a big place and you and me are not the only ones reading this stuff.

    Its estimated that 3 out 4 calories we eat goes towards what is commonly known as "basal (aka, baseline, aka BMR) metabolism." and "resting metabolism"...Brain and neurological processing, digestion, waste generation, heartbeat, blinking, allergies, sexual response, pain and inflammation, etc...

    BMR and RMR are the "involuntary" energy requirements our bodies require in order to run vital organ systems...

    Exercise not only burns calories that your body has stored as excess fat, but, more importantly, exercise builds strong bones and muscle tissue that, naturally, increase BMR and RMR...

    Its a double kick.

    So, why not get "greedy"? Why not go on a severe diet and couple that with a strenuous exercise program?

    The problem with this strategy is your body needs calories, (particularly, protein) to build the muscle that will take you to your ultimate goal...increased metabolism. The ultimate goal in any successful weight loss strategy is to burn more calories when you're not exercising!

    So, muscle building and cardiovascular fitness are the true keys.

    Once you have established a solid muscle base and good overall fitness, now, is the time to squeeze calories. Once armed with a higher metabolism, that's when you start to really put your weight loss program in overdrive by cutting back on caloric intake. This will drive the fat off your ass.

    You don't appreciate my passing judgment? Good! That's wasn't my intent in the first place. I was trying to help you...

    I'm sorry you can't see that.

    No worries. Maybe, someone else might...

    Good luck to you, just the same!

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