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accountability partner
rozzieroz77 posted:
I think that if I lose that 20 pounds or more I so desperately need to that i will need an accountability partner. I just don't know how to go about getting seems the last few times i asked for that i guess i did not explain myself well or whatever but the relationship fizzled out. any suggestions?
brunosbud responded:
I think the reason why no one has yet to respond to your request is not because its silly or that people don't care. "Accountability partners" work!...Husband-wife, boss-employee, coach-player, friends, etc...It just that usually these agreements are made, face-to-face & at arms length. In other words, quid pro quo.

Yesterday, I was covered in sweat having washed 5 family cars in less than 75 mins because, in terms of my health, washing two is better than washing one, three is better two, etc...I sprinkle microwaved, frozen, baby spinach and cod liver oil over my dogs food for the same reason I do it over my own food...&, trust me, it's not for the great taste! It is this warped, twisted kind of thinking that motivates me to chip & chisel away at my beatened-up, old, creaky body so that someday I'll look like Jason Bourne! All kidding aside. I'm on the right track; I've witnessed some mind-boggling results this last half decade.

My point is this, I think you must first establish that you matter and you don't have to answer to no one; you're already your harshest critic. There's nothing wrong with having accountability partners so long as you're accountable to yourself, first.

While washing the cars, I was thinking to myself the following... Including the Bill of Rights, there are 17 constitutional amendments. And, I came up with number 18!
Can you imagine if a bill was passed that said, if you washed someone's car, cleaned that person's house & weeded same's yard, the receiver of said benefit must do one of three things with the sweat soaked laborer.
A. Pay them $50 bucks, or
B. Have sex (with laborer), or
C. Both A & B.

Can you imagine how many of this country's problems this amendment could solve? Can you imagine how far this would go in eliminating obesity and Type 2 Diabetes? Can you imagine anyone voting against this?

With that said, rozzieroz, I'll be your accountability partner.
Now, go and wash my car...

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