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Over 40 and have gained 25 lbs
catsole posted:
I work a sedentary high stress call center job and was diagnosed with asthma a year ago. I am 5'2 and went from 115/120 to 140. I used to be very athletic doing aerobics/jogging in my twenties and riding recumbent bike 22 miles 4 times a week in my mid thirties for a few years. It was sporadic at best in my thirties. Now in my forties with the asthma which I do have under control I feel like I cant work out at the level of intensity I used to. My asthma doctor told me I can just use inhaler b4 I work out. I can figure out the asthma stuff I suppose with my doctor but I really need help getting back into exercising. I would say most of my life I had a medium metabolism. I definitely think it has slowed down in the last 5 years and I have gone from a size 2 to an 11. I am so disgusted with my body right now. I just need to start exercising but lack the motivation. HELP!
An_250396 responded:

I'm sorry that your asthma is getting in the way of allowing you to exercise the way you want. I can imagine that it's fairly frustrating.

If exercise isn't something that you can a lot of to reach you goal of weight loss, perhaps we should try targeting your diet. Exercise and diet work hand in hand for your overal physique so it's certainly not wasted effort to focus on that space.

I answered another post where I mentioned incorporating intermittent fasting into your routine. A lot of people hear the word "fasting" and think "OMG I'm not going to be able to eat anything". That's not the case when it comes to intermittent fasting.

If you change your eating schedule to where you eat all of your meals within an 8 hour window, you will lose weight.

Outside of the 8 hour window, consume nothing else but water. So breakfast, lunch and dinner all have to be eaten which 8 hours. Within 2 weeks, you'll start seeing the weight come off.

It's something that I've done for over 6 months now and it's helped me to get and stay lean. Hope this helps.

- Ron
catsole replied to An_250396's response:
This seems simple enough. If I want my glass of wine at night after work that means I cannot eat until later in the day. Does it matter when that eight hour window is? Is this something I can do permanently without any ill effects on my health? I wonder how long it would take me to lose the weight doing this?
Sherri1965 replied to catsole's response:
personally, absolutely no carbs after 6pm.
meals in general, nothing after 8pm.
I've done the no carbs after 6pm for Lent, and successfully lost weight without feeling like I was on a diet.
Success to you!
AngelaIsagenix replied to Sherri1965's response:
perhaps i could help. I'm 46 now and had a terrible time trying to lose 25 extra pounds until i researched cleansing and how badly our bodies need some help to recharge and replenish. I followed a very simple program and in 30 days lost 20lbs. This is organic, healthy and Dr. recommended. My mother who has high blood sugars has done it with great success including my mother in law and so many of my friends and their friends and family. It's 100% guaranteed which was a deal sealer for me. After more than a year i am happy to report I have not only lost an additional 5lbs but have kept it off. Now I'm on a mission to help anyone that is ready to commit to reach their health goals. You may email me at or this forum. Chat soon Angela

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