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Weight Loss Struggle
kelscm posted:
I am 19, 5'3" and I weigh 135... So I am almost overweight for my height and age. I am currently on the atkins diet but I am really struggling with staying committed to the diet. I have done relatively well with staying away from carbs but I am a SERIOUS sugar addict and I don't know how to get it under control. Does anyone know how I can deprive my sugar addiction??
fitlatina85 responded:
For your age, just simply changing your eating habits and increasing your activity will you lose the weight quick and simple. If you focus on a diet or believe those diet fads you will lose a little and gain it right back. Plus, those kinds of diets are quite hard to be committed because there will be times that you will feel discouraged. Carbs are okay to eat, just limit yourself. As for your sugar addiction, we ALL have it LOL, it is okay to have sugar but its all about portion control. Keep in mind, portion control, cleaning eating habits and exercise and you will certainly lose weight!
monalizzie responded:
You sound exactly like me 40 years ago. You are in the normal range and could actually gain 10 pounds and still be in the normal range, although I think you are really smart to keep a handle on it. I kept my weight under control for most of my life with exercise, eating right and having lots of interests. If you are addicted to sugar, you should avoid it like the plague. Sugar begets sugar and you don't need any of it. If you want sugar, eat a piece of fruit. I was a cookie addict. My sister and I could polish off a big package after school everyday. Then I decided I didn't want to be owned by cookies any more and stopped eating them. If you don't want to be owned by sugar, you can make it your enemy instead of your friend, and avoid it. I stayed in my normal weight range continuously until I went through menopause and then developed hypothyroid, now I am just slightly overweight (3 pounds at this moment) and working hard at getting back to the normal range. At 60, it's a little harder than at 19 or 20, but the concept is the same. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, do not drink soda or sugary drinks, choose healthy snacks -- fruit or baby carrots and hummus, and do daily exercise that you look forward to getting out and doing. I personally don't think a diet that is too restrictive works for me. I would not like Atkins because I love pasta and bread, I just can't eat a lot of it. I love chocolate, too, but I save it for very infrequent special occasions, and it doesn't have a place in my home. My sister and I both went nuts about dieting in our teens. She would do the restricted type on and off, while I would cut back on quantity and go for long walks. Sometimes she could lose 5 pounds in a couple of weeks, and I would lose 1 or 2. In the long run, the dieting did nothing for her health or keeping her weight down. Plenty of people can explain why that is, but I won't try. Her yo-yoing has her tipping the scales over 200 pounds. Don't go there. You can stay 135 for a long time, if you can get 125 out of your head. Seek healthy, not skinny. That's what I would tell my sister, if we could go back to our teens.
katellawellnesscenter responded:
Hello,In today scenario weight loss struggle is very relative factor, everyone wants to reduce his weight because over weight is the overcome this scene you have to changing your eating habits and increasing your activity will you lose the weight quick and simple as well.proper exercise and yoga also help us to reduce the fats as well as concern.

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