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Garcinia Cambogia & Colon Cleanser
An_254846 posted:
Hey there!
Recently on Women's Mag I came across an article on a "fad diet" that supposedly "works." I am obviously very tentative but thought there might be a little bit of merit behind the diet. It consists of taking one pill of Garcinia Cambogia and a colon cleanser every day. It seems simple enough but like I said, very skeptical. I was just curious to know if anyone here has tried it to shed a couple pounds? Thanks
An_254531 responded:
32 of 35 people found the following review helpfulThis product is amazing already lost so much weight! By [a title="Link: undefined"> [a title="Link:" class="noTextDecoration">Mariah on November 9, 2013 Amazon Verified Purchase Hey, so I've used amazon for a really long time but i've never wrote a review before, Im writing this because i see a lot of bad reviews over this product and I just wanted to share my experience so far with this item, first of all I'm not fake or being payed to try this, I've suffered with weight and compulsively eating just like probably everyone here has, after failing numerous times at just plain exercise and good eating I chose to use this product, I got it within 4 days with normal shipping, pretty good time, and then i started taking it right away, just 2 pills a day and it comes with 62 pills enough for a full month however I find I do not necessarily need it every meal or day dependent on how hungry i seem at that time. the main thing I love about this product is how much it takes away your appetite and gives you more energy. I do however suggest still somewhat watching what you eat and doing daily exercises but don't worry it could be as simple as walking for just 10 minutes, but remember to take the pill about an hour before a meal, any sooner isn't a big deal you just may still have a large appetite. After just a week I have gone from almost 170 pounds to 159.2. I'm amazed! I was very nervous at first because I truly thought this was a scam, but I now am gaining my confidence back and I couldn't be happier with the results!
mariajohnson responded:
I would prefer the combination of diet and exercise for weight loss. Its a healthy and safe way to lose weight.
brunosbud responded:
Let's hope that "little bit of merit" won't cost you too much...and, I'm not talking about money.
00000162 replied to An_254531's response:
Posted by 00000162 I went to my doctor last week and I told here that i was on it and she said to keep her posted and " she is not a pill doctor" so i fugure if there was a potentila of harm or if it was a gimic she would be the first one to say it. My sugar is 8.5 and I have 7 weeks now to get my sugars down on my own or the drugs are coming because i have a fatty liver now. during the week i - juice in the morning (90%) veggies - then i take the pill But i am on th 50% HCA 3 times a day and I thought it was one that Dr Oz recommended but i now know that was wrong as he doesnt recommend any oparticular product just that it needs to be 60% HCA. I have 3 more bottles then i will switch to the amazon 60 %. - coffee and lots of water all day - then i eact a high fiber cereal - salad 3 of 5 dys a week and sand & soup 2 days - always get a veggie in at dinner and I try to keep the protion small. I am still playing around with the 4 pounds off and then they come back on and I have been on it since January. Can you tell me what your meal plam looks like maybe i am missing something in my diet or is it the fact that i am not exersizing ( they said in the Dr Oz show that it was recommneded to excersize but that you didntn need to). I was hoping that i would get the energy to get the excercizing going with the pills as i have fatty liver that is why i still have no energy i figue. I did have a B12 twelve and a iron difficency before but my levels are back up now. I think the juicing helped that change.

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