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    I need advise on what to do in the beginning of a diet ... Plz n thank u
    tashlee99 posted:
    Any recommendation on what to do at the start of a diet ? should I fast? And my friend told me what helps her stay thin is a laxatives n cleansers ?.....I'm starting today well I'm focusing on no snacks n junk food I been eating a lot of crap and not getting enough exercise?
    brunosbud responded:

    It took me 10s to find that link. There are over 250,000,000 pages on google on how to lose weight without drugs. Everything you need to know about improving your health is in that link.

    You've gained all your weight because you have a metabolic condition...You have a disease (insulin insensitivity, the precursor to diabetes). To lose weight, you have to address the "disease" (regain insulin sensitivity), first. You may doubt what I say, of course, but, again, it points to lack of education. You don't know how to interpret blood test results and how abnormal results affect different systems in your body. But, if you did know (how your body works) and you had a discussion with your doctor on how to bring non-normal results back in line, you'd eventually see why weight loss can never be accomplished, long term, with "bandaids" (scams, gimmicks, drugs). No "bandaid" can fix metabolic problems.

    The success rate for long term weight loss in this country is less than 1 in 10, now, so millions who are overweight are stuck with this problem for a very long time...entire lifetimes, usually. If you are still young, please, do not wreck your lower digestive tract with chronic laxative use. Once that happens, it's not reversible. Again, education is key. You will find no good, honest information on this board, imo...not even me! Talk to your doctor and tell him/her that you want guidance on how to lose weight, long term. Getting educated is my best advice.
    abcat2000 responded:
    Hi tashlee99, I was just listening to a registered dietician on SiriusXM satellite radio, saying that fasting is one of the worst things you can do. There was some kind of diet where people fasted for 2 days a week and ate anything they wanted the other days. She said the day after the fast that people were generally so ravenous that they crammed everything down their throats, and that was just one of the problems with the diet, which was voted one of the worst diets for 2014 by US News and World Report.

    I'm of the belief that a person with a healthy liver and healthy kidneys does not need to purchase any cleansers. The registered dietician on the show agreed. Mostly what they clean is your wallet.

    I would not cut out all snacks. Some healthy snacks (like almonds and low-fat yogurt) can keep you from getting so hungry that you eat anything available.

    My main tip is measure everything, because otherwise you're just guessing and are likely to overestimate. What I've done first is to cut out fried foods.

    Here's a link to the list of those diets I mentioned earlier:
    kattys responded:
    Starting your diet can sometimes be the hardest part of the weight loss process. You could consider following techniques:
    • Ease in your diet
    • Keep a food journal
    • Find a diet and exercise partner, and
    • Set achievable goals
    kattys replied to kattys's response:
    You could also increase your water intake.

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