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    Need to lose ALOT of weight :(
    sam321 posted:
    I am 5'4 21year old female. Currently weighing 68kgs. I want to lose atleast 15kgs in 2months. Is this possible on a regular diet? if so, how?
    brunosbud responded:
    22% drop in weight in 60 days? The "Biggest Losers" lose this much in 2 mos. They work out, on average, 6 hours a day. Tell us when you're ready...
    sam321 replied to brunosbud's response:
    So you're telling me its not possible?
    brunosbud replied to sam321's response:
    OK...I'll explain why this is so difficult. Don't thank me, please.

    The numbskulls who believe that weight loss is about starving yourself...they take diet pills or supplements or HCG or green coffee beans...whatever Dr. Oz is pushing at the moment, they try it. Yes, they lose weight. Sometimes very fast (3-4 lbs/week).

    But, the problem with doing this (artificial appetite suppression) is it destroys your metabolism. Everything slows down, drastically. Eventually, they can't sustain the reduced calories and constant fatigue, so, they begin eating, again. Unfortunately, their thyroid gland has been subjected to such severe food deprivation that it's no longer producing enough thyroid hormone. Thus, when they start eating, again, they gain weight with a vengeance.

    When you lose weight, not only do you have to cut back on calories, you have to exercise, too, to counteract the damaging effects of starving, oneself. Exercise speeds metabolism. It prevents the body from going into starvation mode and producing less thyroid hormone. This is why those maniacs who participate on that awful show have to exercise 6-8 hours per day. The last winner lost 150 lbs in 120 days. That's over a one lb per day! So, of course, it's "possible"!

    Here's the reason why fast weight loss is very difficult. You have to eat less, but you have to eat enough because you're exercising like a monster. The food intake has to be dialed in perfectly. You eat too little, you run out of gas and you go into starvation mode. You eat too much and you slow the weight loss. It's a very delicate balance. It's next to impossible to do this, safely, unless you have strict professional supervision (which those contestants have access to, I might add, including on staff drs & emts!).

    All of these people pushing the latest drugs and supplements for fast weight loss are no different that crack junkies, imo. They could care less if their clients permanently damage their bodies through constant dieting. Plus, they know that these idiots will never learn. They think they can lose weight by diet, only, without exercise. It's possible to do just that but you have to cut calorie intake very slowly so you don't disrupt your hormonal system. In other words, 33 lbs over 2 years is possible with little exercise; not 2 months.

    Is it possible? Yes. Can you do it on your own, safely? You're chances are very "slim" (yes, pun intended).

    If you still insist on this ridiculous goal, will you at least let a doctor know what you're doing and please visit them at the first sign of pain or difficulty? pretty please?
    kattys responded:
    Their are few tips for fast weight loss:
    • Cut the salt
    • Start cardio weight workout
    • Combat stress
    • Walk after every 4 hours
    • Keep snacks out of sight
    • Drink ample of water
    katellawellnesscenter responded:
    I think the best way to lose weight is by having a balanced diet and burning calories through exercise. But the process would be slow but if you wish to lose a lot weight instantly then the possible option would bariatric surgery. It is a proven, effective option for losing a lot of weight fast.

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