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What diet are you on..??
cindigal posted:
With all the mentioned diets listed in this site, who doesn't get confused with them. When I read all the literature, I find that some are contradictory to others. I thought I doing the right thing, I cook chicken mostly, not fried. I don't buy red meat anymore. Buy those vegetables in the frozen section or raw veggies. I never eat deserts except for holidays, i eat whole grain bread, whole grain cereal and I drink skim milk.

One thing that I really want to cut down on alot of carbs, but I am a tight budget and there are diets mentioned that would put in a dent in my budget. For a long time I was getting those Ramen noodles, 10 at a time when shopping and use them for stir fry with chicken or veggies. I saw the labels that they have alot carbs. I use whole wheat pasta instead of plain, but i realize that whole wheat pasta have same amount carbs as Ramen. What kinds of carbs should I have being that I am leery at this point to cut most carbs..?? I put a new chopper recently and I want to get some raw vegetables; I love all root veggies; squash, turnips, carrots onions or whatever. I think they are better choice for carbs, aren't they..??

tootabelle responded:
I am 56 yrs old and I put myself on a diet. I eat chicken, veges and fruit and I don't eat any sweets. I also eat whole grain cereal and other products. I feel that I am losing a little weight
boo307 responded:
It sounds like you are eating a high quality diet, so it may be the quantity of calories.

After three successful weight losses with Weight Watchers, I've learned that their system nudges you to healthy food choices that are filling.

I am a detailed oriented person and am now counting calories, making healthy food choices, and beginning to accept that this is my life. It has taken years for me to realize eating healthy quantity and quality is forever, not just until I get down to normal weight.

So to answer your question my "diet" is the Weight Watchers food guidance and I count calories with an App "Nutrition Menu".

The app shows my percentage of protein, carb, and fat intake each day. I try to get the protein intake to 20%-25% as protein is digested more slowly. My goal is 5 servings of vegetables a day, that's two or three servings at lunch and at dinner, some raw and some cooked. I eat 3-4 servings of fruit as well. I've added beans and nuts to my diet, eat chicken or beef 3-4 times a month, and eat fish 4-5 times a week. I've found fish is often a low calorie option when I eat out.

My carbs are steel cut oats for breakfast, bread in the occasional sandwich, and a bagel for a treat now and then. I have a bread problem, so I am careful. Most of my carbs come from beans, fruit, vegetables, milk, and yogurt.

I don't eat sugar as it stimulates my appetite. I've found fruit tastes so sweet now and I have never pigged out eating juicy, sweet apples!

As far as cost, I have found that a bag of baby carrots is cheaper than a bag of chips, and that an apple costs a lot less than a muffin. A bag of frozen baby shrimp costs more than ground beef, but is all protein, and very few calories. A big tossed salad tossed with 1 Tbsp of salad dressing and 3 oz. of shrimp is very filling and very low in calories.

My goal is to loss 1 lbs. a week for 26 weeks to get to normal weight and hopefully get off Lipitor. I've lost 3 lbs. in 4 weeks and have 23 lbs. to go.

I walk or run 4 miles 6 days a week and busy myself with housework on the seventh day. Now that I am 64 years old I realize I have to work at getting to normal weight to keep my blood pressure in the normal range and to bring my cholesterol down.

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