Foreverinyoureyes2 posted:
So today was the end of month 1 of our work weightloss challenge.

So yesterday I weighed sort of unofficially, just to see what I could expect today, and the scale was very nice to me, showing a loss of 1.5 from last week. I was pretty stoked to weigh in today...

BUT...there is always a but...this morning A/F showed up with all of her water-weight baggage, so my loss today was .5! Dang it!

Actually I can't complain too much, since I generally gain 2+ pounds with my cycle, so the fact that I lost at all from last week is a medical miracle.

I made it to the gym Sunday-Thursday this week. And I may go tonight with my hubby for some ellipitical time, and a friend wants me to go to pilates tomorrow, but I am not sure I will join her. I need to give my body at least 1 day of rest this week, and I do not want to burn myself out. But who knows. I might go anyway!

My eating has been right on track this week, but now I am looking towards the weekend. Weekends are the bane of my exhistence! I have SO much trouble staying on track. Too many treats. I need to keep it in check. So that is my mini goal.
Tomato05 responded:
Things are definitely moving in the right direction for you - well done.

Yes, it is important to take a day or two off from exercise - I find if I don't do it, I become "listless" in the gym, and it seems like such a major effort is required. On the one or two days a week I give the exercise a break, I usually do the housecleaning, so I am still somewhat active.

Maybe allow yourself a mini treat on the weekend too, just because weekends are special after all! As long as things don't get out of hand completely.
jean4u replied to Tomato05's response:
Good, like you say, Forever, you usually go up 2 when AF shows up.....so .5 is "under control". You will probably show a nice loss after she goes.

Yeah, weekends....I really had to get a handle on the # of "treats" and PORTION CONTROL. For me the yo-yo thing was huge. I got tired of working very hard during the week, only to gain the weight back by Mon.. I allow for a few extra drinks and one meal that goes a bit over on carbs(but I try to portion control somewhat) and I get exercise in on the weekend (that was somthing I was lax on). So, in the past, I on weekends I over ate and exercised less.....gee, go figure why on most Mondays weigh-ins were depressing!!! LOL

Barb Happy Saturday!
ploy40 replied to jean4u's response:
like reading my own stories

We just have keep trying... (especially after vacation)
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Great work, Forever! You should be proud and looking forward to more success in April.