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    can't stop overeating
    Anon_232750 posted:
    I recently started being able to eat meat, vegetables and a variety of foods after 6 years of only eating mozzarella cheese, strawberries, whole grain bread, soy milk and walnuts. I cannot seem to stop overeating, especially with my meat portions. I'm not sure how much of this is psychological or chemical. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Anon_51772 responded:
    Are you sleeping well? Lack of sleep contributes to overeating.
    ploy40 replied to Anon_51772's response:
    I think you just have to do it. Stop when you're not hungry any more, not when you're full. Yeah, I'm trying to tell myself that.
    darcyvegangirl replied to ploy40's response:
    The food itself is giving you the uncontrollable cravings, processed sugars are addictive and sugar is added to practically every processed food on the supermarket shelves.
    Go to and look up the China Study and "Forks Over Knives"

    I had the same problem since I was a preteen until about 5 weeks ago; I am 52. The cravings for sugar is gone (that is an amazing fact). I used to eat until I had an upset stomach. I have separated from my husband of 30 years, am now living on my own in a small apartment after the foreclosure of our big house and the closure of the family business. I have gone through a fairly deep and extended depression. I was feeling like an ugly duckling inside and out and I needed to do something revolutionary to turn the tide in my life. I began researching nutrition and "superfoods" and that lead me to start researching vegetarianism and then veganism.

    I lose a pound every 2-3 days while building my food choices around my favorite super foods (I only eat foods that I love) that make me healthier with every bite.

    What do I eat each day? 2 cups Beans, 1 - 1/2 Cups Rice (not white refined), 6 Cups vegs, 2 Cups fruits, 1 handful nuts (almond, walnuts), 1/2 handful seeds(sunflower, pepitas), One multivitamin per day especially for B12). I have hypothyroidism so I avoid soy and limit cruciferous vegs to 2-3 Coups per week). Also, I am gluten free.

    Many of my meals (about half of them) start with bed of beans and rice with lentils and then I add vegs, sometimes some dried fruit, seeds on top . One big salad per day w/ dressing of stone ground mustard, lemon juice w/ a little agave syrup (tastes as good as maple syrup and has lower glycemic index). Big bowl of homemade veg soup w/ beans per day. Easy, just use spaghetti sauce and water or veg soup stock (low sodium kind).

    Two great tips:

    Diamond Chocolate Almond Milk makes the perfect hot chocolate. Only 60 cals and nutriously guilt free (your welcome).

    Microwave potato chips are the best chips ever !
    Just slice a potatoe in the food processor. Spray oil on a flat glass plate (no rim) and arrange slices on plate (I just put them on the plate that rotates in my microwave) and sprinkle a little salt on slices. My slices are a little thicker than 1/4 inch and I need to microwave them for 10 mins. But I suggest check after 6 mins and go from there. They are golden in center and very crisp just like potatoe chips should be. Much less expensive than bagged chips and so few calories. Go ahead and "overeat" these.

    If you aren't ready to stage your own revolution, just start adding super foods (just google "super foods") into your diet until you crowd out the toxic addictive stuff.

    You can do it. (Willpower be d*mned!)
    brunosbud replied to darcyvegangirl's response:
    "...The food itself is giving you the uncontrollable cravings..."

    "...I needed to do something revolutionary to turn the tide in my life..."

    "...just start adding super foods into your diet..."

    Being unhealthy taints just about every aspect of a person's life...

    How you relate...How you eat...How you think...

    Part of the process of recapturing health is the process of "shedding excess baggage"...Getting rid of stuff that you think you need but, in reality, are the very things making you "sick".

    Like the lobster shedding it's shell, once liberated of "excess baggage", becoming free of "cravings", whatever they may be, becomes a natural progression. Little effort will be required since everything will all make sense...again.

    The saying goes, "If you've got your health, you've got everything."

    It's true. With good health, you can live in the moment... Nothing else matters.

    jean4u replied to darcyvegangirl's response:

    I really enjoyed your post. Got alot of great food ideas from it.

    I have found since I started eating healthy and cut down on the carbs (white ones) that my control has grown. I think my body was just craving what I wasn't getting in the healthy nutrients and protein.

    Yes we can do it!

    justmejust replied to jean4u's response:
    Hi Barb, nice seeing you here. I agree. I especially like darcyvegangirl's recipe for microwave potato chips. Gonna try them now...
    jean4u replied to justmejust's response:

    I haven't tried the micro potatoes. But it certainly sounds like in the 100 calorie treat range, which is a good thing.

    Let me know how it works.

    I probably would use a salt substitute or garlic powder and red pepper flakes.

    justmejust replied to jean4u's response:
    Thanks Barb, when I get around to doing this, cutting slices 1/4 inch thick with garlic powder and red pepper flakes, it'll be yummy. I still only see crushed red pepper in my store, and it has the dried pepper seeds in it.

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