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Evening cravings
hellbent1 posted:
Anyone have any tips for easing nighttime food cravings? I've read some pretty obvious tips, like eat more during the day, eat high protien foods as they help suppress your appetite, etc...but nothing seems to work for me. I always have a decent breakfast, but after that, I pretty much have no appetite most of the day. I will force myself to eat something healthy a couple of times throughout the day, even if it's just a handful of almonds or a banana, etc...and I'm good. But about 8-9 pm, I am starving! What can I do to eat better around mid-day, and head of the cravings at night?
ploy40 responded:
Set up time to eat lunch and dinner daily, start with small portion of food you love.

once you get through the first week, you body will get use to it and you will continue eating lunch and dinner, no more hunger at night.
Less4Best responded:
I have the same problem where I graze at night. I have tried drinking tea/water but I don't want to be running all night. I think it is a desire for tasting and changing the habit. I crave carbs. Want to try and support each other around this? I am just starting this site so I have to get the hang of it.
michelle_1986 responded:
Brush your teeth after dinner!

Toothpaste and chocolate? Not so yummy.
Less4Best responded:
I eat somekind of protein to fill me up..cheese, peanut butter, hardboiled egg. I save my dessert for the evening. I also make sugar free jello and drink a carbonated beverage which bloats me.
CoachMattKoblens responded:
what you can do is have a protein shake before bed. Not a lot about 20 or so grams of protein would be ideal. Your muscles are growing most during sleep so this is the perfect fuel for those muscles to grow. If you're interested I can coach you through your fitness journey for free. Check out my website at and email me in the contact section
sarahe123 responded:
Hi, not sure how much help I can be but I can at least tell you what works most of the time for me. For one, I eat smaller meals that I work out how many calories each is so that even if I have seven small meals they all fit in with my daily caloric intake goal, I make sure I do my exercises, stretching etc, and I drink plenty of water, hot tea, I have my larger meals calories earlier in the day so that it is easier for my body to break down and my body can burn. I don't eat anything after 6:30pm. Sugar free gum helps because I tend to be comforted by chewing it, if I get the urge to eat, I do chores and I stay away from the kitchen. I wouldn't keep desserts for later in the day nor would I go drinking carbonated beverages at night, could end up with an upset stomach that you may resort to eating crackers to calm down Oooh and talk to yourself haha... I know, I know, sounds silly, but you are your best buddy, remind yourself of your goals and remind yourself that snacking is not going to make you feel good in the long run. I know its more of a challenge, it is for me too, but take it day by day and don't beat yourself up if you slip, if you beat yourself up too much your simply setting yourself up to fail and none of us want that
*Remember, its quality over quantity... small lean meals, can have all foods that you enjoy, just adjusted to your healthy weight goal and lifestyle. If you need any help with this let me know.

Take care

CarolFromNH replied to michelle_1986's response:
That's kinda the idea. If I brush my teeth right after dinner I don't have any desire to put more food in my mouth. It definitely works for me.

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