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Eating Healthy
kristy14468 posted:
I have been working on eating healthier- and I know what i SHOULD be eating, but it seems like the transition between thought and action is not happening for me. I eat mindlessly and then regret almost immediately what i have just put in my mouth! How do i get it to click- BEFORE i put the food in my mouth?
michelle_1986 responded:

Unfortunately, for me at least, that instinct to "eat before I think" will never go away. I'm an over-eater, an emotional eater and a binge eater. And I always will be.

I can tell you this though, I have lost weight! And you can too...

First, stay busy, if you can. My biggest trigger is boredom. Boredom is the ENEMY!!!

Second, exercise. Exercise as much as you can, and get educated about the right way to work out so you get the best results. The more you exercise, the more progress you'll see, the better you'll feel and the more will-power you'll have to fight the cravings. And even more importantly, you won't beat yourself up over a treat now and then, because when your body starts to develop lean muscle mass, it will burn those calories quicker and quicker... so all of a sudden, a kit kat bar (my personal fav) isn't such a deal breaker.

I know its not as easy as it sounds, but you just have to do it. Just do it. Join a gym, get a trainer, join a class, whatever you have to do. DO IT!!!

Because quitting cold turkey doesn't work. You'll just get angry at yourself for failure (regret, etc.) and sabotage yourself over and over again!

Good luck to you!!!
3point14 responded:
I have a five minute rule. For any food I know is "bad" like ice cream or something, I make myself wait five minutes after it's offered. If I can't convince myself not to eat it, I eat it.

But usually, in those five minutes I think about all the other hard work I've put in and how much better I'll feel at where I want to be weight-wise, and I can almost always resist.
brunosbud replied to 3point14's response:
This is good advice.

I employ a variation of that rule...sort of...

It's the "One Minute rule". I allow myself to eat the bad stuff on one condition...

I have one minute to do it.

It's not a pretty sight...
Betterable replied to brunosbud's response:
Well, that may be a new one for me, brunosbud, but I bet I could get a ton of "bad" stuff in a minute. 3point14, works with a variation, if I can wait 15 to 20 minutes I may not want it anymore.
Betterable responded:
I have wasted a ton of money (but not much anymore) buying food I "should" eat. Of course I don't want it & it mostly spoils or expires or goes bad. Perhaps you should applaud yourself more for making the effort. I notice that I don't compulsively eat when I'm distracted by something else, whether it's shopping, or a hobby or even posting on here.
sheddinglbs responded:

i used to do the same until I start a food journal. I started to make note of everything I eat, even if it's a stick of gum then I would count all the calories. I was shock to see the amount of calories I consume eating certain things (example: a homewrecker burritos).
Less4Best replied to sheddinglbs's response:
I appreciated your comments. I used to do a food journal and just got tired of doing it. After 2 months of yoyo wt loss I decided to give it another try. I knew that it worked before, I just realized that I wanted to do this fast with no effort. However,
I started the food journal over again because I knew it was going to stop and make me think. It has done that. After 2 days i am already thinking what I want to eat tomorrow because I am going out to lunch and need to have a good plan for the whole day. Thanks for motivating me again.
Betterable replied to Less4Best's response:
Well, once again...I kept a journal of what I ate for about 20 years & then I decided earlier this year that it's just keeping my mind on food more, However, if it's working for you right now don't fix it.

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