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Need answers please help
missakitty9812 posted:
I am 22 years old, 135 pounds 5'5. I look heavy at my current weight. I can not lose weight for the life of me. I feel like I know everything there is to losing weight well, not know but have read...but for some reason my stubborn body does not want to lose weight. Last time I was 110, I was on medication that had weight loss as a side effect. When I stopped taking the medicine, I ballooned up to 135. I literally hate what I see in the mirror. 22 % body fat is too much for me to handle. I don't care if I'm a size 4. I feel completely hideous. I greatly restrict my diet too. I probably eat twice a day. If I do, i will usually eat a bagel with cheese and tomatoes for breakfast (at about 11am) and then not eat again until about 7 pm. I usually have 30 % veggies on my plate 50 % meat/protein and 20 % carbs at dinner. I only drink water and maybe 1 vitamin water a day. I do not eat out nor do i like any form of fast food. I do not like or eat candy, brownies, donuts you name it i will more than likely NOT eat it because 1) i know they're full of fat and 2) ill feel insanely guilty for eating them if i did. I do not do cardio, but I do strength training and circuit training 4 xs a week at about 30 min a day. I do not eat potato chips, I do not like soda, I do not like honestly anything with preservatives in it. My only weakness is coffee. I drink coffee in the morning with milk and sugar. Besides that, my diet is pretty low in calories. I find myself sleeping a lot and feeling tired a lot but i just can not convince myself to eat more. It seems like, as soon as I eat, I feel fat no matter what I've eaten unless its a veggie. anything besides vegetables makes me feel fat. Can someone tell me...what am i doing wrong? how come I cannot lose weight? considering how much i restrict myself you'd think i was a lot skinnier. nope, i look like i eat whatever i want. I feel like i need to see a nutritionist. honestly, what else do i have to restrict myself from? i hate my body!! i don't want a 27 inch waist anymore. i cry inside almost everytime i get dressed, no joke. Can someone tell me, what am i doing wrong?
hayleylicious responded:
Since having my second child i have had the same problem as you. I was exercising 7 days a week, eating 1000 calories a day and not losing any weight..actually gaining it! Honestly it sounds like if your a size 4 (i'm a size 6.. 145lb 5'5") then you are completely healthy. Being down to 110 is not healthy .. i've been there.. i was anorexic for a time in my life and that was my thinnest. I have cut out most carbs.. been eating fruits and veggies that are medium to low cabr (watermelon, honey dew, peaches, necatrines, strawberries etc) and veggies (Cucumers, bell peppers, pretty much all veggies except corn and carrots) and went from 155lb to now 145lb and i didn't exercise at all.. i have been moving so haven't had time to get back in the swing of things yet. I feel 100% better in my own skin.

I seriously think you might need a little counseling if you feel like a cow at your totally normal and healthy weight. a doc. would not tell you to lose any you are thin.. skinny even at a size 4 at our height. I've had body image issues for years and when i was a size 0/2 and not eating i was losing hair exhausted all of the time and now looking back at photos sick looking. It takes time and help to cope with body issues and i think you may need some help.. but i'm not a professional by any means.

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