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getting frustrated
jraeraem posted:
I have already lost 65 pounds and all I have left is 5-7 pounds. need some insight on how to loose it without cutting my calories more (right now intakeing about 1210 cal. per day). increased my workout to 6 times a week, increased cardio and strenghth. Am I missing something or should I add something?
brunosbud responded:
More exercise, fewer carbs.

I did not say fewer calories. I said fewer carbs.
jraeraem replied to brunosbud's response:
Great thanks for the help. Next what is a good carb intake? It gets so confusing with all the different numbers and percents. I try very hard to stay away from breads, pastas, and processed foods.
shire_elf replied to jraeraem's response:
Honestly it depends on the person, some people can handle carbs better than others. I stick with complex carbs and whole grains myself, since they have a lot of fiber and they keep me feeling fuller. If you are exercising more you might need to increase you calorie intake just a little, you body might be wanting to store the energy that it is getting. It might take a little time but I know you'll get there!!
brunosbud replied to jraeraem's response:
I believe when you get down towards the very end of your weight loss goal, your body has become fully acclimated to your routines...both diet and exercise.

If you're really interested in losing those last 7-10 pounds, I'll show you how...

But, you won't like it.


Can you see the definition in her shoulders and abdominals?

Now, you know...

All the movie stars do burpees, now. What you see on the bigscreen are burpee shoulders and burpee abs.

Burpees burn fat (and everything else) like there's no tomorrow. It's often referred as the "Prison" Workout because this is how those muscle-bound convicts you see on TV get ripped to the max. Pulls ups, pushups and burpees.

There are no treadmills, lifecycles, or ellipticals in San Quentin or Pelican Bay.

Prison food is loaded with carbs, heavily processed and calorie dense.

Burpees will beat even the worst diet.

Too many people try to overcome plateaus by eating (diet) through it...Sorry, Charlie.

It's muscle tissue that gobbles up sugar molecules in the blood stream and excess body fat when activated and working hard. The more muscle you have, the quicker you can cut weight.

This is the secret to Betty Lou Sweeney's, (71 year old world plank record holder at close to 37 minutes) weight loss of 110 pounds. Her core muscles are inordinately ripped...MUSCLES!

See...I told you you weren't going to like it!
jraeraem replied to brunosbud's response:
Thanks for the idea. I'll give them a try or should I say I'll be doing burpees tomorrow at the gym.
marisasibley replied to jraeraem's response:

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