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Negative effects of sugar
Tomato05 posted:
Sugar has so many disadvantages to the body, like causing increases in blood sugar, inflammatory effects, raising risks of dementia, stressing the pancreas, causing headaches, and many more.

It makes me wonder why raw sugar was ever put on earth! Sure, it makes things taste great and I love sweet things, but just think how much healthier we all would have been if it didn't exist! It doesn't have any nutrients, so it wouldn't have caused a nutrition gap either.

Oh well, wishful thinking. The problem now is how to limit my sugar intake. I don't take sugar in tea and coffee, and don't eat cake or chocolate, but there are plenty other sources of sugar in food. Anyway, I eat hard candy by the dozens. I know I should cut them out, and then I would be able to reach the desired calorie deficit which will allow me to lose weight. I just miss them so much if I cut them out of my day. Nothing else tastes quite the same...
ploy40 responded:
One of my male friends is addicted to ice cream. He usually has at least 1 serving a day. Since mid October, he stopped eating it and started eating healthier (lean protein and veggies) and he has lost 17 lbs so far. He is not over weight to start with, but now he is leaner and has a very nice 6 packs.

You can do it!
Tomato05 replied to ploy40's response:
Thank you for the encouragement, ploy40. I am hoping that my coming travels will help - I am visiting my family for 3 1/2 weeks from next Friday, and there won't be much candy available in their houses! I must just refrain from buying it when I'm there.
ploy40 replied to Tomato05's response:
Have a good trip and have some biltong and fish marshmallow in South Africa for me.
Tomato05 replied to ploy40's response:
Hee hee, biltong I will definitely have (dried spiced meat, a great South African favourite - something like jerky, just better, for those who don't know what it is), but will try to stay away from the fish marshmallows. Will probably fall for some other candy though like Sparkles - hard candy.

The meat in South Africa is really nice and flavoursome - huge Karoo lamb chops, for example, hmm. The sheep graze free-range style on herbs and fragrant field grass, and the meat just tastes wonderful.
marisasibley replied to Tomato05's response:
vIvianwilso5 responded:
I am a sugar addict, pies, doughnuts, cakes, candy of any kind, if I make oats I pour the sugar to it, if I eat canned fruit, I load it down as well, I found something that helps me, I went on the RocaLabs Gastric Bypass Without Surgery program 2 weeks ago and not only is it working, but there is a change in the sweet cravings, I just do not want as much of any thing, I noticed the blood sugar increase that you mentioned, I believe this is what has changed for the better, and it needed too, my mother just like myself loved sugar, I remember watching her eat a 1/2 gallon package of ice cream in one sitting, she died from complications with diabetes when she was 63 years old, I have to rid my body of all of the unhealthy choices that I have learned from my parents, and the RocaLabs formula is working for me I just thought that I would share this with any one who has the same kind of history.
RoseLynn02 responded:
You know there a lot of hard candies without sugar...even suckers. My daughters dentist gives out sugar free suckers after children's apts. They aren't hard to find, they even sell them at walmarts.

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