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looking for a friend!
mingmei posted:
Last time i logged in I was 157lbs, I am now 138lbs but i want to be 120 pounds. Right now all i need is someone to talk to who is my age and around my weight for support. Im a 17 year old girl and i can't stand the way i look. PLEASEEE HELP )))
MissArtemis responded:
Hey! Sounds like we're similiar. I'm near the same weight as you (I started out at 180...a few years ago, slowly taking it off). I'd still like to go down to at least 130, if not 120, as I have a small frame. Maybe we can shed this weight together?!
mingmei replied to MissArtemis's response:
YESS! Finally someone to help me because all i have is me right now. My name is Jennifer btw. What do you eat in a typical day? and what diets have you tried before?
MissArtemis replied to mingmei's response:
I'm not a big dieter honestly. I tried the subway diet a year ago & gained 6lbs on it. I thought it was impossible, but apparently it's just not meant for me. I also tried the 11-day diet & I can only do it thru about day 8 before I start feeling to weak to even function (I hear it's because your body is going thru the withdrawl of carbs/sugars). The 11-day diet works really well for me to shed 8-10 lbs, but I also gain it all back within about a week back once I go off it. It's definitely not a sustainable diet. To lose my 1st 20 lbs all I did was count calories. I tried to keep it between 1200-1500. Then I plateaued. I stopped counting my calories so vigourously & was just more conscious of what I was eating, then I added exercise. I did about 45min a day on the elliptical at a very high pace (170 steps/min). Then I took off about 10 more pounds that way. Then I stopped calorie counting & working out entirely & just worked on maintaining my weight for a year or so. Last year I started running (I couldn't go for 1 min without thinking I was going to die), and slowly worked myself up to running 45 min a day (roughly 4miles at a casual pace) & took off another 10lbs. Now I'm around 140 (fluctuate to 145 tho & never drop under 140). I haven't been watching my foods or exercising in a good 4-5months. But have just started trying to make conscious decisions about t this week. I figure with some added support it would help motivate me again What have you done to shed yours??
MissArtemis replied to MissArtemis's response:
Oo & I forgot to mention, it's nice to meet you Jennifer. My name is Melissa.
MissArtemis replied to MissArtemis's response:
Sorry for the 3rd reply, but I've also tried Weight Watchers, and that was another epic fail. I gained about 7 lbs on it before I cancelled it as well. I try to eat healthy carbs & stay away from candy, no fried foods (very very limited) and I'm trying to increase my veggie intake, which is hard b/c I hate most vegetables.
mingmei replied to MissArtemis's response:
Over the summer I tried the "lose 10lbs in three days" diet but didn't lose anything I didn't gain right back. I hated the food and wasn't on top of my workout. But then i started counting my calories and moving more. Next thing i knew i was out of the 150s. Then i just did the same thing to get to 138 but just amped it up a bit. Now i workout almost everyday for 35 min but I'm getting off track with my eating. I'm waiting for an acceptance letter for school so I'm really on edge.
mingmei replied to mingmei's response:
btw, to keep up with our progress so i wont have to keep logging in, email me at (jen is my middle name)

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