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    New to this site
    saladmaker2 posted:
    I need to loose 20lbs.I am 66 yrs.old and need to loose this weight due to health problems. Hope to get encouragement,tips and make friends in same catagory.
    marion63 responded:
    hi saladmaker2
    i 'm new today and looking to start with losing 10 lbs (but i need to lose more) i'm 63, still working 4 days a week, i have heart disease so the weight loss is a necessity for me. i've been readig some of the articles on this site and haven't quite yet made a plan,but i will. hope we can help each other reach our goals.

    Tomato05 replied to marion63's response:
    Hi to both of you. Good luck with the weight loss; let's make 2012 the year in which we become the lighter versions of ourselves!
    marion63 replied to Tomato05's response:
    I'll toast to that!!
    saladmaker2 replied to marion63's response:
    hi marion63.Glad to get your response. I am no longer able to work due to health problems and age. makes me wish i had taken better care of myself when i was younger.LOL what kind of heart desease do you have? Glad you are still able to work. I have already lost 130lbs. I just wrote every thing I ate in a diary type fashion,and counted calories. lots of veggies and cereal.we went out to eat once a week and i ate anything i wanted in moderation, sometimes i just went nuts and my biggest weakness is sweets. so i want us to be buddies and i bet we can beat the weight problem together. your buddy saladmaker2
    saladmaker2 replied to Tomato05's response:
    hi Tomato05, glad for your response.yes lets make 2012 the yr. we make ourselves lighter. i need lots of encouragement so i hope to give you lots too. go for it. saladmaker2
    Tomato05 replied to saladmaker2's response:
    Thanks, Saladmaker2; it sounds as if you are really doing well with your weight loss. You must feel a ton better!

    And your body must be thanking you for it.

    I have about 7 or 8 lb to lose.
    marion63 replied to saladmaker2's response:
    good morning saladmaker2, wow 130lbs, i think you are my new hero !! I need to lose 50 lbs to bring me into a healthy weight range but i want to start with focusing on 10 pounds. about 4 years ago i had a mild heart attack @ 59. at the time i weighed around 174 (my highest ever) I lost 20 pounds afterwards just from the medications and depression. Once I got through that I was doing great. Over the past 3 years I have put on 40 pounds I believe mostly from the medications. I now weigh 194 (my new highest ever). i've started over and over again but i think i am at the point now where i really want to commit to this. I'm bad with sweets also but my biggest problem is night time eating. I am working on getting that under control first. I know it is about 75% of my weight problem. i am also working on writing down everthing i eat and adding up calories. that seems to be an important part to this. wishing us both success and hoping to hear from you often, marion
    marion63 replied to saladmaker2's response:
    saladmaker, i weighed myself today and lost 1 pound over the weekend !!! of course that's always the easiest one to lose but it's a start. i avoided junk food and sweets at night, which is my worst time. i had yogurt and fruit. i think i will focus on night time eating until i form better habits. 28 days to break a habit......we'll see

    Tomato05 replied to marion63's response:
    Congratulations, that's a very good start and must be very motivational. Every pound lost is a victory.

    By replacing your evening snacks with yogurt and fruit you have probably cut the snacking calories in half. Keep it up!

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    remember good food is okay!
    instead of ignoring cravings, just eat a yummy, healthy snack! starving yourself solves nothing. More
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