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An_242455 posted:
Just started on here Jan.1 I want to lose 17 lbs in 3-4 months and I am a junk food addict...I am soooo hungry!!! 1400 calories is so little,I dream of food ALL DAY,getting depressed and want to eat a whole pizza now!
tatyanab responded:
but i won't!
lilpix99 responded:
I agree with 100%!! I too just started up and have been tracking my food with the food and fitness planner. I started to throw an apple and banana in my purse before heading out the door. I find it kinda help with the sweet tooth but yesterday I ate both at 3 and it did not fix the craving.
Tomato05 responded:
Just persevere for a few days. Your body and appetite will adjust to the lower calorie level and soon you won't feel so hungry anymore

No need to increase your calories because of the hunger: if you eat very nutritious food, you can get good nutrition on 1400 cal. Make sure the 1400 cal includes at least 30% of lean protein.
kalli7480 responded:
I know its really hard when you first start out... What helped me was really making sure I was getting enough protein and eating at the SAME time everyday.
For example:
Breakfast 6:30am - Eggwhites, lowfat cheese, turkey sausage, 1/2 high fiber eng muffin ~30-45g protein
Snack 9:30am - String cheese and ham, or an EAS low carb shake ~15g protein
Lunch 11:30am - salad, tons of veggies and lean meat, low calorie dressing (my favs are making a chicken fajita salad, use salsa as dressing, or make a grilled veg salad) ~30-45g protein
Snack 3:00pm - String cheese and ham, or an EAS low carb shake ~15g protein
Dinner 5:30pm - lean meat, veggies, whole grain (make sure to have some fat here so you dont get hungry at night)... for example turkey burger meatballs, low sugar spag sauce, 1/2 cup whole grain pasta, low fat mozzarella chz, salad or veg ~30-45g protein
~1400 calories and not less then 120g protein for the day
Hope that helps, drink your water too!!
kalli7480 replied to lilpix99's response:
Good idea to add fruit, I would suggest watching which fruits though... bananas are really high on the glycemic index meaning that they will probably just make you hungrier. Apples are definetly good ones though... Try adding some low fat peanut butter, I find that keeps me full longer
3point14 responded:
If you're craving junk food, why not just eat the healthier version of junk food? Instead of a whole pizza, get a whole wheat english muffin. Throw on some diced tomato and low-fat shredded cheese, heat it up for like ten minutes in your oven, and enjoy!

Any diet that's leaving you startving and depressed isn't sustainable and will lead only to more hunger, and probably more frustration when you get off the diet. Try to find healthy solutions to bad cravings!
healthynosh responded:
When you first start dieting, it's good to have 6 small planned meals a day rather than 3 big meals and trying to make it through without snacks. It keeps you from getting so hungry that you cave in and cheat.
Once you've got that method down and shrink your stomach a bit, then you can decide what's doable long term. Aim for learning a new lifestyle instead of doing a temporary diet. I know with SureSlim they say that you have a super-burn period of time that happens in between meals when you don't snack. Between hour 4 and 5, your body releases its own Human Growth Hormone, and you burn a lot of calories during that hour without having to do anything. This shot of HGH is also very anti-aging, so it helps prevent disease, inflammation, and even makes your skin look great. Food for thought, so to speak.
Basically, plan what you're gonna eat the next day so you don't stress about it. And make sure you do that when you're not hungry. Even prepare some of those things if you have time. Knowing what's on the menu and keeping it handy helps keep you on track so you're less tempted to cheat. People tend to do what's easy, especially when they're busy and stressed.

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