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    September Recap
    irisheyes213 posted:
    I feel like I worked the whole month away and while I know I shouldn't complain about that, it isn't like I made a tremendous amount of money as I won't even get an "old" normal pay check for the month. Really at a loss on what to do since I don't want to live my life paycheck to paycheck and I don't want to feel like I can never take a day off. Today I really should be working but I haven't a had full day off since I went back to work on 08/25 but yet there isn't that much to show for it, except for completely derailing my efforts to get back to the gym this month. So as far as my September goals go:

    1. Take multivitamin every day with dinner and log it : About 50-60% with this. I have been much better about taking my calcium in the morning with my breakfast but taking the multivitamin with dinner was good at the beginning of the month and hit or miss the last week and half or so. Seriously need to get better at this. Thinking about switching to a gummy one so that I can take it in the middle of the day with a snack.

    2. Get to the gym 4 times this month: Ya, NO. Have a had a few discussions with DH on this since right now this is our biggest waste of money. It isn't much since we go to the local park district rec center but it is still enough that if we aren't going to use it why waste the money. Since he is supposed to be working on losing 20lbs he doesn't want to let it go but he hasn't been going either. Need to work on this one more in October.

    3. Log freggies each day in September: I logged more often than I didn't. I only logged using the quick track and I am okay with that but I would like to get back to tracking everything. It is cumbersome on my phone and I often don't want to take the time to do it when I could be doing something else but if I want to get the scale moving again I know that I need to focus on this.

    4. Get all paperwork to the office this month: Didn't happen but I have better control over the most recent stuff than I have in awhile. I should be able to get it all over there by the end of the month of October.

    Since I didn't do that great on my goals I am going for a repeat this month.
    Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of. ~Christy Borgeld
    Rgulen responded:
    My goals for September were:

    Move more. I started Jazzercise in August, i am attending more classes per week at month's end than i did when I set goal which also takes care of the 5k steps for work. I renewed personal touch attendance and added their pure muscle classes. This gives me 4 aerobic days, 2 strength days and 1 rest day.

    Eat the veggies and ready-made sides that I buy each week at the Farmers' Market. While I did have snacky meals; I am satisfied with performance here.

    Keep laptop battery or wireless keyboard charged so that I can log my daily rainbow and be accountable to these goals. Stronger finish than start.

    Get back on the scale; see if I am still in my five pound range from July 2009. I am 5 pounds outside the high end of my high end range. Clearly not a surprise to me since I made it a goal.

    Since I have become my own cleaning lady again; I have only kept up with the Kitchen each day. Still a work in progress; but I hit all floors.

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Deb, it sounds like you've had a double helping of stress lately. I sure hope that things smooth out for you in October and you and hubby both can return to the gym.

    Mine were:
    Start Gazelle

    Talk to rheumatologist

    Keep up with chiropractor

    Saw rheumatologist and have a return visit in November, when I get the results.

    I only saw the chiropractor once last month, and my goal was twice, so I'll be repeating that one for this month.

    I dusted the Gazelle this weekend. Did not start it. I did walk more, but I need to repeat the Gazelle again for October, too.

    Starting to fall off on my water drinking, so I'll make that my 3rd October goal.

    1. Chiropracter at least 2x a month
    2. Get on Gazelle and starting using it
    3. More water

    Who's next?

    Pounds off since December 2009= 35lbs. At this rate, it will be years until I reach goal, so I hope you don't mind having me around for a spell.

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