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Low cal snacks
Edward1469 posted:
Anybody have some good low calorie snack ideas for me?
abnersmom responded:
There are some good 100 calorie snack tips here on WebMD.
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3point14 responded:
I have tons! I'm a big snacker, I need to be able to munch a lot but still not get too loaded with calories.

Frozen yogurt....literally. Buy some cheap yogurt, I use the Market Basket "light" ones (90 calories) and then freeze 'em for about an hour. I sometimes also have like 3 vanilla wafers with this, too, if I want a similar tactile sensation to that of eating an ice cream cone.

Slice an egg plant, put some PAM cooking spray on it, a bunch of curry and coriander, put in the oven at around 350, let it go for like ten minutes. You can add chili powder too if you like spicy.

Hummus on celery. Hummus with a cucumber.

A hollowed out hard boiled egg filled with hummus (hahaha I'm a little obsessed) and even though I'm told this is gross, I sometimes stuff my hard boiled eggs with some jam.

I make my own "trail mix" too, with chocolate Cheerio's, dark chocolate chunks, dried cran or blueberries, dried apricots, and some nuts. It's really important to pay attention to portion sizes with this!

Nutella on a whole wheat Bagelthin.

Ricecakes. To make this more substantial, add a little bit of peanut butter.

Frozen brocolli and a half serving of shredded cheddar cheese, microwaved for 5 minutes.
totallywiggedout responded:
Along with 3point's suggestions, baby carrots with roasted garlic hummus (yeh , I a hummus freak too), and if you don't like to dip your cukes, halve it lengthwise, slide a spoon along the insides to "deseed" and fill the troughs with hummus.
1/3 of a can of no sugar added fruit coctail topped with 2 Tblsp Light and Fit vanilla yogurt
Or, airpopped popcorn sprayed with PAM butter flavor, sprinkled with NO SALT sodium substitute and 1-2 pkts Stevia - this tastes a little like kettle corn
A hard boiled egg eaten along with 2-3 green olives
1/2 of one of those prewrapped squared of Baker's Semi Sweet baking chocolate, Lick this slowly like a sucker and it'll kill your sweet tooth but good
Peel a whole pink grapefruit, section, peel back the membranes of sections and eat the pulp and bottom, the membranes and the leftover pith from the peel are the things that make it too tangy tart for most people
make your own, Fat free sugar free Jello pudding pops
sugar free jello in single serve cheapy plastic cups topped with a dollop of fat free cool whip
8-10 pieces of Brown Sugar mini wheats
a whole baked sweet potatoe, sliced thin, sprayed with PAM butter flavor, baked in a 375 deg oven turn pcs when browned on bottom , brown again, this takes about 12-15 min, I like em a little darker, good flavor, sprinkle lightly with salt
1 med sized poached egg on 1/2 pc of toast, no butter, or sprayed with PAM butter flavor, pepper and light salt
1/4 of a baked or panfried (in olive oil or PAM with lemon pepper is good) chicken breast, cold or hot, wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf, dip in mustard sweetened with stevia if you like
totallywiggedout replied to totallywiggedout's response:
I've curbed my snack cravings alot with being on my 100 lb quest, just by filling up with higher desity items, more fiber and less sugars. I have also found that since I quit drinking all my diet sodas and using artificial sweetener (I swear by stevia, which is natural) I don't crave as many snacks so I am able to keep it at the morning and pm snacks for reg diet requirements.
Make sure to use seasonings when cooking or making snacks when possible, Mrs Dash has no salt or use NO SALT , pepper, ital seasonings, garlic, powdered onion, and curry are all good choices. When you add extra taste to your foods it gives you a more mentally satisfied feeling than if you ate something like plain par boiled chicken breast.

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