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Gundry Side Effects?
ktbca57 posted:

At my doctor's insistance, I started Dr. Gundry's diet plan (Diet Evolution) yesterday. I'm a vegetarian bordering on vegan, but am an absolute carbaholic.. sugar and carbs are my drugs of choice, so this is a bit scary for me. I have tried very diet out there... and have even done a NO carb plan, but that was decades ago before I gave up eating meat (including chicken and fish).

I was wondering if anyone who has been on this diet has experienced any side effects. I'm not sure if it's lack of caffeine or the withdrawal from sugar, but i had a major headache by the end of the day yesterday, and woke up with a worse one this morning.

Also, i'm feeling hungry most of the time.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


bigred53 responded:
kt, I don't know anything about this diet, however I do know that you have to wean yourself off caffine and sugar slowly, especially the caffine. Cut back slowly with the caffine or you will have the headaches. It has happened to me.

Drink plenty of water and that will help with the hungry horrors. Try to fill up on low calorie, high fiber vegetables like celery

It is also difficult to get off the carb train. I'm a Type 2 diabetic so I have to be careful with carbs. It ain't easy. Go slowly and look at it as a lyfestyle change rather than a diet.

Good luck.

ktbca57 replied to bigred53's response:
Thanks Michelle,

The encouragement is really REALLY appreciated... I'm on day 3.. and i find that I am still missing my carbs... no fruit of any kind even for the first 2 weeks... I think the headaches may have been caused initially by some new BP meds I'm taking.

I have to say i HAVE been really good about the water.. drinking it regulary and especially when I feel hungry which is all the time. I have to say that I'm so bored with the vegetables...NOTHING sounds good.

I am hoping that by the end of the 2 weeks, the cravings will have lessened,

As for the lifestyle, that's scary, but i'm trying. I am trying to look at this like a "prescription" and not for weight loss as i always thought i could cheat on those kinds of diets... instead I'm just looking for this to make me feel better.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond and encourage. It means more than you can know!

bigred53 replied to ktbca57's response:
You are very welcome!! I suggest you come over to the 50 to 100 pound to loose club/blog. We are very active over there. In addition there are three lovley maintainers who have each lost about 100 pounds or more.

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last eight years. Yep, I'm a slow I do know that by losing slowly it is more likely that I will be able to keep it off permanently. I have been off the blood pressure medication since last August due to the weight loss. I'm experimenting with my diabetic meds a little bit. If I take both pills I tend to be very low in the morning - not good.

The most difficult part of the year for me is winter. That is when I want comfort food - mashed potatoes and gravy especially. I try to stay away from I do much better food wise when I am at work. I bring yogurt, canned chicken, V8 juice, usually some apples and I also always have peanut butter and pistachios and almonds which I eat sparingly since they are very dense in calories although very healthy.

Try roasting the vegetables. Roasting can really change the flavor of vegetables. Are you allowed any kind of fat? Last year I roasted broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots with a little extra virgin olive oil and some basalmic vinegar and my usual seasonings of garlic powder and seasoning salt. They were SO good. You can roast just about any kind of vegetable. Instead of the evoo you could use Pam or some kind of cooking spray. Since you are vegetarian/vegan I'm sure you probably eat tofu. I sometimes will slice the extra firm and simmer it in a pot of chicken or vegetable broth for extra flavor and you could also add whatever combination of herbs/seasonings that you like. I think one of the keys to any 'diet' is variety which to me means lots of flavor. You can make stir-frys using water instead of oil. Add fresh ginger and garlic for lots of flavor and when everything is cooked garnish with some fresh cilantro. I'm making myself

The longer you stay on the journey the less the cravings will be. Eating sugar and carbs breeds the desire for more sugar and carbs. Some of the ladies have said that they will tell themselves that the unhealthy stuff is poison.

The most important thing is to keep trying. I fall off the wagon all the time but I try to get right back on and not beat myself up about it. A fall does not mean failure. Don't cheat yourself of a healthy life.


XOXOXO - because everybody needs hugs and kisses!

ktbca57 replied to bigred53's response:
Thanks again so VERY much...

The issue i have with this diet is that it's SO restricting and i feel deprived which makes me angry and irritable... I'm going to stay on this plan until my next visit with my Dr... i then may change to another plan that's easier for me to stick with.. this is SO restrictive.. especially the first 2 weeks.. i can't even add sweetner to my coffee...

and i miss not being able to have any fruit!

Thanks so much for the encouragement... I need to lose 100 lbs or more.. this is the heaviest i've ever been in my life...

time will tell.. i will join the blog you suggest as soon as i get a chance.. hopefully, i can do that today... THANKS AGAIN...

debbiedebbie replied to ktbca57's response:
My friend had amazing success on this diet as a vegetarian, which it's not entirely designed for. What made it possible was nuts and a bit of dairy. She would have a breakfast of Chia seeds. Hemp seeds, a few walnuts or pecans and yoghurt. Also soaked almonds can be nice in that mix. She was careful to eat a handful of nuts before lunch and dinner to cut down on hunger. Then she would always have tempeh or tofu with the veggies. Great recipe for tofu is dipping it in soya sauce and then in nutritional yeast and then frying it. Fat is going to help satiate you and I can tell you as someone who ate plenty of that and Never counted calories and lost 120 pounds it will save you - put peanut butter on your celery - eat a little cheese on your salad etc. put 1/2 and 1/2 in your coffee it's the only way to survive it .... Good luck - PS diet was less restrictive than Gundry ( I was allowed some brown rice and a bit of fruit but that was the only difference and it took longer than Gundry) his is the best but if you do his diet but add brown rice and quinoa and say low glycemic fruits like apples and berries maybe that will be more doable for you but in very limited quantities.

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