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abcdsad posted:
Hi i am 29years old.my weight is 95kg.i am keep trying to weight loos from ten years.but i am unable to loos my weight.can you please give me suggestion to weight loos.
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Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and welcome Abcdsad! We're glad you joined us here.

Before you get started on any diet and exercise plan, please see your physician. That way, he or she can clear you to get started, check things like your thyroid, and perhaps even refer you to a nutritionist. You can also take a look at our Newcomer Tips once you're doctor says it's okay to start.

Since you mentioned kilograms, I'm guessing you're not in the U.S. However, there should still be some support for you locally, too. Look for a walking club, or perhaps a gym to join. See if your area hospital, health center, recreation department, etc. offers weight loss and exercise support groups or classes. Often times, these programs may be free or low-cost, and the more support you get, the better.

Best wishes and let us know how you're doing,

Pounds off since December 2009= 37lbs. At this rate, it will be years until I reach goal, so I hope you don't mind having me around for a spell.