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To lose weight you need to lower Sugar and Carbohydrates
julesinfo posted:
And heres why. The chemistry of sugar and carbs are very similar. The body uses the easiest food to give itself the energy it needs . The easiest is simple acids sucrose(sugar) and sacchride(carbs = bread, flour, potato, pasta etc).
The chemical formulas look like this sugar= C12H22O11
And for carbs it is this = C6H12O6 and this C12H22O11
The sugar formula is identical in one instance. So what the body does is use simple sugars as first energy(glucose the lowest numbers) if it needs more it breaks down second sugars, carbs the higher numbers. It then moves on to proteins fats, oils, veges and whatever else you've eaten. Breaks them down into their components and uses them in the body.
With modern day diets high in sugars and carbs(starches) the body gets all the energy it needs. The fats, oils contained in the rest of your food, it stores around your belly, hips, butt and wherever else it can find a home.
You can use more energy with exercise. And that is where diet pill supplements like Phen375 have their use.
Phen375 increases energy or metabolism and suppresses appetite.
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