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Trying to Lose weight
hulk64 posted:
I weigh 460lbs.Also have diabates type2. I have made a decision to lose weight. Im 45 years old. Need advise.
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CygnusWomyn responded:
First off, welcome aboard!!! I know how hard it is to find this place and to make the decision to change your life. I started here in July at 388 and am now at 366 so it can be done. Slow but sure wins this race. Think in terms of small changes and small goals.
My first changes were
1. no more calories in liquid form- only no calorie drinks like water, crystal light and diet soda.
2. move my body every day for at least 20 minutes.k
3. The hardest. I started to journal all of my food. that means I wrote down everything I ate, each bite. I didn't try to change it at first, just wrote it down.

I would suggest you make your own little goals. Stick to them for a week. Tell us what it was like and then start making other small changes.
Welcome again my new friend,
hulk64 replied to CygnusWomyn's response:

jean4u replied to hulk64's response:
Hi Hulk64,

Cygnus gave you some really good advice. You were smart to come here. You will get alot of support from the board buddies. That is so important, when we need a "hand" keep us on track.

Congrats to you for making your start to a healthy lifestyle.

I agree with Cygnus, too, that small changes and small goals do add up.

Good luck!

Barb Jean
irisheyes213 replied to hulk64's response:
Hi Hulk,

Welcome to the board. We hope that you find what you are looking for here. Small changes are a good way to get started on your journey. They can make more difference than you realize especially in the beginning.

We hope you share your journey with us.

Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of. ~Christy Borgeld
justmejust replied to irisheyes213's response:
Deb, sometimes it seems so difficult to stay on the journey when my small changes, albeit nice, don't make the weight come off any faster...
irisheyes213 replied to justmejust's response:
Hi Just

You are right. Sometimes it doesn't make the weight come off any faster but that doesn't mean that we should only measure our journeys by the scale. Celebrate NSV's (nonscale victories) like clothing sizes, stamina, crossing legs, compliments, etc. Take measurements so when the scale isn't giving you the results you are hoping for you may see a difference in your body. The biggest loser isn't reality. Healthy weight loss is an average of about 1-2lbs per week depending on your starting weight. For Hulk I would recommend that one of his NSV's that he looks for be his a1c numbers and other glucose numbers since he is dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Not everyone can maintain a complete overhaul to their life after just a few days so easing into the life change tends to be a better and more maintable approach then going hogwild with changing and burning out from the same frustrations that face everyone on a weightloss journey at some point.

I hope you can see your success on a regular basis Just.
Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of. ~Christy Borgeld
justmejust replied to irisheyes213's response:
Thanks irisheyes, for those encouraging words. I was feeling down again today about wanting to throw in the towel and these words were comforting to read again.
Tea10 responded:
Good for you! You are on the right track now. Making the decision is a big step in the right direction. As I said in my post try cutting carbs. I was really surprised. I feel lighter and better. And I am one of those people that love my french bread but I have not felt deprived at all. So start slow and begin by walking around the block and cutting some of the carbs out. You will be surprised at how mucher better you will feel in a short period of time.
I am pulling for you! Tea
soho2014 responded:
I would suggest using technology to track all your food. I use "loseit" from, but another great site for this is That makes it easy to track all of your food.

Secondly, avoid sugar, because it will make you hungry.

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