The show "Biggest Loser"....
cindigal posted:
I was never a fan for the show, usually my favorite shows are the same time. As i was flipping channels the other day, I got a glimpse of a segment of Biggest Loser. I saw the part when they showed the agony of the faces of people when they have to lift enormous weights to lose weight. The worse part is when the coaches were yelling in their faces.. That's is the most insult that anyone could ever do. One of my many questions is: Ok.....If I am wrong please tell me. I guess that most of them want to lose 100 lbs or so. Why do they have to push, pull, or press weights to the extreme. When they add muscle to their body, wouldn't the muscle would make them gain more weight, I have wondering about that answer for a long time. If anyone could enlighten me it would be great.
Tomato05 responded:
I don't like the show either - very undignified and melodramatic, out of perspective too.

It is essential that you do weight training if you want to lose weight in order to minimise muscle loss. One wants to lose fat, not precious muscle, which is what keeps your body strong and prevents injuries. If you don't lift weights, you lose a lot of muscle too.

Also, if you build muscle, your resting metabolic rate is faster.

Weight is not the only big factor, but body composition is hugely important: percentage fat vs percentage muscle. The more the muscle %, the smaller the fat %, and the healthier your body.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
You might want to go ask over on the Diabetes Exchange. Dr Dansinger has worked on that show and may have an answer.