Good morning
Figiren posted:
Good morning all!

Happy Monday! I'm ready to start the week with a commitment to exercise and healthy food choices. My "mini-goal" is to string together 3 days of good choices.

Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and Welcome Figiren,

How did day 1 and 2 go? We will keep you on track to continue many "mini's" which add up to many pounds lost!

Figiren replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Elizabeth - Day 1 and 2 went great! Day 3 just had a minor setback - HuHot NOT a good idea for lunch!!! Too many calories in noodles and sauces. But I can still hit my goal - going to work out and have a Lean Cuisine for dinner. Might have to add some carrot sticks tonight if I get hungry.
All in all feeling good about my week .
belafaccia replied to Figiren's response:
Good Job Figiren! But don't feel guilty! Guilt is the enemy! lol I had a bad eating weekend last weekend. After beating myself up all day on Monday, I realized that it was self-defeating. Been watching what I eat very closely and got 2 really good workouts in so far this week, and I've actually managed to lose another half a pound! Woohoo!!

Figiren replied to belafaccia's response:
Hurray, Nicole!
I finished day 3 within my calorie budget by doing a little bit extra on my workout, so my 3 day goal was a success. And motivation to keep going
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to Figiren's response:
Figiren and Nicole great job! Keep up the great work!!!!