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    Not giving up!!!!!
    mamasita58 posted:
    Well I weighed in today and I gained a pound. But I know that's because I didn't keep a close enough attention to my calorie intake or I didn't jot down all of my foods. But I am not giving up!!! I refuse to go through all this again and not succeed!! This time it's different, because I'm now keeping a journal of all of my food in take and exercising twice a day. So that alone is a great start. I have to do this!! I don't want to feel like a failure again, so I'm determined to do this wholeheartedly.
    Everyone that I've talked to has told me that I should go by the way my clothes fit, and not obsess with the numbers on the scale. Is this true? and they also said that it takes time to see results maybe in a month or maybe even in two months time. So I'm going to be patience and lose it slowly and I hope everything kicks in real soon. This discussion board has also helped me to vent my feelings and also shows me that I'm not the only one going through these frustrations. But I'm going to do it this time!! Just need to keep focused on my goals!!! and I will achieve it in time. As said before "One day at a time" and "Slow and steady win the race". Have a night and thanks for listening!!!!
    Tomato05 responded:
    1 pound is not too bad. I've also gained some.

    Remain as positive as you are - that will help a lot. And you are right to be patient - weight loss takes time; I lose about 1/2 pound a week! Most others can lose 1lb a week though.

    For me the number on the scale is important, and it actually reflects my real weight, so I go by that. It acts as my guideline for how to adjust my food intake.

    Good luck for this week!
    mamasita58 replied to Tomato05's response:
    Thank you Tomato05, I have to remain this positive as I am otherwise I know I will be doomed before I reach my goal weight. But like I said I have to do this!!
    I didn't make it to the gym yesterday and that was okay, I do deserve a day off, but I know that I'm going today and going to work a little bit longer and harder to make up for yesterday. As long as I keep my mind set this positive things will click and it will work for me!! It's like a smoker, it has to be mind over matter to quit smoking, you have to want to quit otherwise it's not going to happen.
    The same concept goes with losing weight!! Have a great day and thanks for listening.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I know it is frustrating to look at the scale and see an increase, but keep focused! Also, take a look at your cycle, water intake to also see what is going on.

    Journaling is great and gives you a great picture of what is going on and what needs to be adjusted.

    The scale is what keeps me accountable. I do not like to weigh often, but knowing I will step on the scale makes me think about choices most days.

    Get back in the race,

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