Just beginning
MaryFV1 posted:
I have 50lbs I would like to use. It affects how I interact with people, and constantly makes me feel bad about myself. It's affecting my relationship with my fiance' (who is in great shape by the way). I just don't feel good about myself, and my personality has changed so much. I'm so introverted now. It's a struggle to get me to go anywhere which winds up making me feel worse.

I'm joining a gym where I think I'll feel comfortable beginning to lose weight. It really messes with your whole life. I just want to be happy again. I'm nervous and don't want to fail. I want to be committed to this process and achieve my goal.
Tomato05 responded:
Good luck, and don't be nervous - look at it as a process to improve your health and happiness and gain a lot of wisdom at the same time!

Just take it slowly and consistently - don't try to rush the weight loss. Step by step you can improve your life.

Keep posting and tell us how you're doing.
justmejust responded:
Welcome! Thanks for posting how you feel. I find that once I start moving I start to feel a little more confident again. It immediately makes me feel good from the endorphins. But I know how you feel. When I don't move I spend my time feeling bad about myself. That then self fulfills that process. So it is a choice. I am trying to make the healthy choice one day at a time. And when I slip I've been getting back up on that horse with the help of these weight loss boards.
MaryFV1 responded:
Thank you both. I have my first day at the gym today. So I'm going to try my best. I'll keep you posted:)
justmejust replied to MaryFV1's response:
Please post the good and bad parts of your journey. It helps me learn to cope with my good and bad days/stretches. Thanks!
This journey is like the gaining journey, there are ups and downs!