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    Need to Step Up and Admit It...
    BelaFaccia posted:
    Well, today I came home from work and I headed straight for the freezer and grabbed the remainder of my hot fudge cookie dough ice cream sundae. And I thought to myself, "You know what? I've had a crappy day and last week was crappy too, so I'm going to eat this so I feel better."

    Now, as the day is coming to a close and I reflect upon this incident and I realized...I emotionally eat! For the longest time, I didn't want to admit it! And Now, if I'm really serious about getting this weight off, I need to step up and admit it to myself and hold myself accountable and say that I'm an emotional eater!

    My excuse has always been, "oh I just enjoy food! I enjoy reading cookbooks, and trying new things, blah blah blah" Which I do believe is the case about me...I'm very passionate about food. I'm Italian, my dad is a chef, and it is just something that is deeply embedded in me. But that is not the driving motivation behind at least 75% of my poor food choices.

    This is quite the hard pill for me to swallow. I have been under a large amount of pressure in various areas of my life for the last couple years, but especially over the last 7-8 months. Stress is sometimes so paralyzing for me that reaching for foods that make me happy is the only thing that prevents me from melting down and wanting to just curl up in bed and never come out. I'm tired of living like this. Does anyone else battle with emotional eating? How do you deal with it? What methods do you use to cope with stress to prevent yourself from piling on the calories?


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    jean4u responded:

    I think you are having a LIGHTBULB moment. Seriously, most of us know how to lose weight and can actually do it. But WHY oh WHY is re-pounding such a problem for most of us? Because we turn to food for comfort and go back to old eating and comfort of food. Food is the one thing that is always there for us. It tastes good and feels good to have a full tummy. But later we feel bad about ourselves for that behavior.

    I don't know what it will take for you to get control of your behavior. It takes work and acknowleding your slips, like you are doing here.

    I have been here for a year. It didn't happen for me right away.
    But like you, I saw that I would go back to eating out of control when my life got crazy. Hey this is life, and we can't control those "speed bumps" that are hurled in our way. But we can take control of what we eat. Say it "I am in control of what I eat"! Now DO IT!

    Sometimes we got to kick our own A$$! Nobody cares about you as much as you should.

    What was that sundae doing in your freezer anyway?

    Eating out of boredom or stress just makes us feel worse the next day. I have done it. It can easily become a habit.

    I hope others give some idea of what to do when stressed instead of turning to food. I eat the air popcorn and veggies when I have the need to munch and that doesn't do too much damage and tea or Crystal Light.

    Good Luck! and keep VENTING You will find your WAY!

    BelaFaccia replied to jean4u's response:
    Hi Barb,

    I know, I know, I know...and I can "I know" myself to death and it's not gonna get me anywhere. I dunno why I have been having such a hard time. Now that I am aware of this issue that I have, I'm realizing how it has been controlling my life on a daily basis. It's absolutely rediculous. I mean, people are able to give up heroine for crying out loud, but I'm struggling with not having a candy bar?? I feel so stupid! And I feel guilty when I give in to it, which has been more often than not as of late.

    My biggest vulnerable point is when I get home from work. I'm soooooo good during the day! I food journal, I eat well...and then I come home and all bets are off! I munch, I binge, and make poor food choices and then I feel like total crap about myself and I feel defeated.

    And then there is the workout issue! I'm so drained at the end of the day, all I want to do is rest. I know that exercising is the best thing for my fibromyalgia, but one symptom that gets the best of me 90% of the time is the fatigue. I thought about going in the morning so that it is out of the way and I'm not ruminating about it all day, but that would require me to get up at 4:30 in the morning, and quite frankly, i'm not so sure if I can handle that either! Ugh!

    I'm doing what you told me to do Barb...I'm VENTING!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jean4u replied to BelaFaccia's response:
    AWW Nicole,

    I really hear you WANT to change. I really get that those habits are hard to break.

    What you said about eating well all day and then the candy thing at night. We associate food with comfort. Sort of the "Calgon take me away thing". And it does for that time, but it does some damage, too. Adding weight and then the feeling of depression (talking about my experience, now) that comes with the "hangover" effect.

    Carbing-out just causes more carb cravings and a very vicious cycle. I think if you break this habit it will give you the "power" to control your eating. Maybe, just maybe try to eat lower carb snacks for 3 nights in a row. See how you feel.

    About the exercise. I think mornings are good. You can do a workout at home. Go online and get tips. You will have more energy. Again just 3 days and see how you feel.

    Keep venting!

    You can and WILL do this!

    Just remember my, kinda annoying quote, "Better everyday rather than perfect right away". Keep it in your head!


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