Labor Day Challenge
kmiller2130 posted:
Labor Day is September 5. That gives us 2 months to get some weight shed off of us. That's exactly 9 weeks from now. I weighed-in at 132.5 this morning. I am going to put in a goal of 12.5 pounds by Labor Day - that will bring it down to 120 pounds.
madre2b responded:
Wow, 12.5 lbs sounds like a lot but more power to you! I'm at 160 and would LOVE to shed 10 lbs by then so I will make that my goal. Good luck to all!
kmiller2130 replied to madre2b's response:
That's an excellent goal too. Good luck to you. I'll be weighing in on Fridays or Saturdays. Let's have fun and shed some weight!!
jackie_staf responded:
I want to be in on this to! I will put 10 pounds as my goal weight for Labor Day!
kmiller2130 replied to jackie_staf's response:
Awesome!! Good luck to you.
dee155 responded:
good morning!!!
what diet are you doing? I would like to join u in losing 10 lbs by Labor Day... Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........
blue_eyes_80 responded:
My husband and I both started a no carbs, no sugar diet a month ago and have already lost 20 lbs each. If you have made up your mind that you are ready to loose the weight, this may help.
Eat 6 small meals a day.
here is an example of my daily meals:
breakfeast, non-fat yogurt
mid morning snack, fruit
lunch, tuna salad, no bread or chef salad
afternoon snack, fruit or fresh veggies
dinner, any meats or fish and a side salad or veggies.
night snack, fruit or small handfull of nuts.
just30lbs replied to blue_eyes_80's response:
thanks for the tips , i tried this and failed but i'm hoping to stick to it this time around
kmiller2130 replied to just30lbs's response:
As my daughter always says, "try, try again".